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  • Griffin commented on the post, My American Values

    Dear Tanish,
    This was a really nice piece of writing, and I really liked the overall tone. I also particularly liked it when you used the quote on freedom and I agree with it. There was a nice flow throughout and it was structured nicely. You also had a very clear claim making it simple to tell your stance.

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    America; All Unique But All One

    In American culture, there are many different values, cultures, and creeds that shape the way we all exist as Americans. All of these factors are influential in creating traditions, societal norms, and unique viewpoints on issues we face today....

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    • Dear Griffin,
      I am very interested in your essay because I never viewed American culture from this view point. I was intrigued by our one identity as Americans. One thing that stood out to me was when you said: “…we are all Americans, we share the same core values…” because it really reflects the unity of all Americans. Especially at an uncertain and frustrating time like this, I think this article reminds us that we are all in it together. Thanks for your essay, and I look forward to hearing more of your ideas!

    • Nice essay Griffin. I like how your writing was very persuasive. I felt as I was understanding the writing well.

    • Very well done Griffin, I really like how you mention how all of us Americans share different backstories and I think that is really important to include for many to understand.

    • Griffin, I really enjoyed reading your work. I love the insights you made about what equality should be. You talked about personal culture and made me think about it in a way I hadn’t before. Your essay did a great job of using meaningful references to support your ideas. I really hope that our nation can get closer to the equality you talk about. Not everyone is going to have the same opportunity as others no matter what but I feel like there is a lot more we can do as a nation to give everyone a similar chance to be successful.

    • Hi Griffin,
      Your essay reads very well and definitely makes a stance on what you think the American culture is today. I really enjoyed how you brought the idea that everyone shares common values despite cultural and racial backgrounds in the United States, and that those values are what make the American people unified culturally. Your stress on “equality does not mean free success” also gave way that people must earn their success.

  • Hey Oscar, I like how you included the different sources and they were not just forced in, this was a nice piece to read, good work!



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