• sup gamer, your epic work is epic indeed. i greatly enjoyed the example giving at the beginning of your work. you allows a reader to understand more of thy problem making it easier to explain. i also liked that you put in the opinions of the community so more people can share their opinion. this essay was very epic.

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    Dear Janie,
    Your essay about ousd using their money effectively is very convincing and worded very well to understand the problem clearly and why it’s true. Your evidence was very convincing and had clear connections to your claim. Your essay stayed relevant to the problem and you also had good sources to your claim such as the principle. T…[Read more]

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  • Are you aware of how helpful The Salvation Army is? You’d be surprised of the services it provides. Based on the research, The Salvation Army is very epic by being helpful and benefiting the community. This is t

    • Dear Greg,

      I like how use evidence clearly to show how the Salvation Army help people with homelessness, drug/alcohol, and more! While you should have more analysis, you still did great in your essay by showing evidence, reasons, and having a great argument to argue. Also, you should explain more about why the Salvation Army is 100% Epic.

      Edwin M,

    • Hello comrade, I appreciate your use of links in the actual essay so the data is easily accesible and how you have very diverse sets of data so that many parts of the salvation armies’ benefits. (Sal was here).

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    Dear kimberly,
    I enjoyed reading your poem because it got me intrigued into reading more into your poem. I also liked how you used sound effects to make your poem more lively. Your poem was detailed and I could see the clear connection to romeo and juliet.

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    hey guys im the very epic

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    @diegoc Hello fellow Gamer

  • This poem is about the connections between my life and Romeo and Juliet. i wrote about unnecessary violence and how it affects everyone.


    Violence is a bigger problem than people would think

    It affects those

    • I thought your poem was very deep and very good. Also I like how you connect R+J to the real world. I really like how you said a line of shakespeare and added it to your poem. Thanks for sharing your poem and sharing your experience.

  • Dear Mario,
    I am interested about the cars that are in your shadow box because I have a lot of cars doing sideshows by my house. Also, I like that you added the cars instead of just putting a picture. One sentence that stands out to me is that you’re light skinned, born in the us, and parents born in mexico because it’s the same for me.

  • Dear Jessica,
    I like how you talked about how dominant narratives are wrong about you like for example, you are not mexican you’re Guatemalan. This is also represented on your box because you have the flag. Also, I like how you don’t always see yourself as feminine, which is showed by you wear a duck costume which was really funny. Ove…[Read more]

  • My Shadow Box

    Gregorio Guzman-Lopez

    This Shadow Box represents different identities of mine that were assigned and that I chose. An assigned identity that shows up in my Shadow Box is the Mexican flag, this

    • One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is when you said that in the future you wanted to make your music one day. This stands out because I didn’t know you wanted to make your own music that is very cool. If you could make your own music what would it be?

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    • Dear Greg,

      I am surprised by your shadow box because you added things that I didn’t see anyone else add to your shadow box. One part of your shadow box that stands out for me is where you made a popsicle bed. I think this is unique because I didn’t anything like that and I wonder what it means. Another part that I saw is where you put I thi…[Read more]