• Dear Kelly

    I really enjoyed your poem!

    One line that stands out to me is, “easy, hard, go back to bed” I relate to this a lot because I always struggle with waking up in the morning.

    I also liked how the whole poem was very encouraging. Sometimes school is really difficult, but you’re right, we can do it!

    Thanks for your poem. I look f…[Read more]

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    I am from sneakers on soft grass on a dewy morning,from the steady rhythm of breathing and fresh air.I am from hot dry pavements on a sweltering afternoon,from sweaty shirts and itchy grass.I am from the

  • Dear @crismeylin
    I liked how you wrote with passion and anger. After I read your post I was upset, especially after reading: “Martínez’s lawyer maintains the 19-year-old should not be found guilty of murder. Instead, he simply participated in a failed abortion attempt.” I agree that justice should be found for Emily and will be actively wa…[Read more]

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