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    Dear Ying,
    Your statement of “I am who I am ” was interesting because you were detailed about what the objects meant to you. Something that stood out to me was when you wrote ” But instead of my sister taking me there and her paying for the tickets. I always wanted to take her when we’re older”. The reason this stood out to me was because you…[Read more]

  • Grady commented on the post, Me, Myself and I 1 month, 1 week ago

    Dear Melody,
    I am moved by your post “Me,myself and I” because it was very detailed and you really explained parts of your identity. One part of your statement that stands out to me is when you placed pictures of people you love because it just means you really care about them. Another part that liked was when you described your ethnicity you said…[Read more]

  •                              The objects in my shadow box represent my counter narrative because I express my point of view. When people look at me they think I am White, because of my skin color. But they are w

    • Mauro replied 1 month ago

      Dear Grady,

      My name is Mauro Delpino. I am a senior at Fremont High School in Oakland, California. My teacher gave us a list of students who had to do a Shadow Box project and she also gave us links so as a class we can appreciate them. I chose to comment on your post because I appreciated the variety of pictures and the thoughtful writing that came with it. I also respect the addition of an El Salvador key chain and also the gratitude that you have for your friends. By the way, most people also think I’m white because of my skin color but are very surprised to find out I am Latino (Argentino). However, I have a few questions for you:

      Why did you decide to include a clapperboard in your box?
      Was the selection process for pictures difficult?
      Why did you choose an all-white box?

      Lastly, I admire and respect your shadow box in general and I am excited to view your next projects.



    • Aaron replied 1 week ago

      Dear Grady,
      Your shadow box impressed me because you added pictures of people you love. It was also cool that you painted your box white and added the most important objects you have because it’s a better way of understanding who you are and what you think it’s important In your life.
      Sincerely, Aaron

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    I am moved by your post, “Dear Leaders of America”, because you were talking about Charlottsville and then you were connecting it to what is happening right now as being a teen and growing up in America with all the oppression around. One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is ” What I wish the future could look like in America it…[Read more]

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