• GracielaOCHS
  • Dear Christopher
    I think your oppion on this post is really cool ” COVID TESTS TO SCHOOLS” because it mentions how the government is going to be sending covid tests every month to schools so infection spreads could stop.THis is the way to think because we aren’t using masks anymore so if someone gets sick we could still test them.

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  • Dear Fernando:
    I coudlnt agree more with your post “High School Stress,” because it is impressive how stress can cause you to function less efficiently and haveit hold an impact on how you handle other things.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “high school students should not be concerned about their final exams. This has to be tr…Read More

  • Dear Valarie
    I was brought to my feet by your post, ¨ should school be allowed to control students’ media posts¨ cause like in my school I have not yet seen students or teachers say that schools should be getting into the student’s personal life but that they have heard other schools go through simular thing like that so I would say it not a goo…Read More

  • Graciela commented on the post, Positive comments

    Dear Monica,
    I really appreciate your “Positive comments” post because this world needs to be more like you filled with positiveity. There are cruel people in this world that are so negative they put all there negativity on to other people. I think if more people saw things like this they’ll be more happy fillied with positive energy.

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