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  • Karen,
    I really like how you wrote this book review you gave great background of the book. I have never heard of this book before but after reading your review I was drawn to it and so interested in this memoir. You provided a lot of great detail about the book and made sure everyone saw the main idea. I like when you said “ It is a motivational…Read More

  • Susannah,
    This was a really well thought out post. I liked all the background details that you provided. Its interesting how some people think that digital art is considered “fake” because digital Art is just as hard and requires the same about of skill and practice. Your post really grabbed my attention. You made a good point talking about “Some…Read More

  • Grace wrote a new post

    "Room" Book Review

    Emma Donoghue’s intriguing book, Room is narreated by the main character Jack, who is only 5.  This book is a powerful story of a mother and son whose love lets them survive the impossible. Emma Donoghue really embraced the...

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    • This is a good post. I like how you added links so that people who read the article could explore more about the author. There are some good points included in your writing. Overall good writing.

    • I love how you described this book! It is interesting that it was narrated from the perspective of a 5 year old. It would definitely be interesting to read this one. It reminds me of a book I read a while ago from the perspective of a younger kid. This was an awesome review!

    • This book review gave the main concepts of the story and provided extra insight into the deeper meaning behind the themes introduced. I liked how you provided more information from the website of the author and established a full perspective of the writing. I hope to read more from you in the future.

    • I read this book last year and it was so interesting! I feel like the author did really well with portraying the mind of a five year old. I haven’t seen the whole movie, but I have seen a few clips. I recommend watching it since the main actress, Brie Larson, won an Oscar for her performance in it!

    • Grace, I love how you explained the book. I’ve read and seen the movie and you hit the main idea. It is so interesting how Emma Donoghue writes the book from the perspective of 5-year-old Jack. I recommend watching the movie as it gives more detail and feeling to what they both experienced. is a link to watch the trailer of the movie if you are interested! I feel that while reading it I imagined something completely different than what is shown in the movie. Thank you for the detailed insight on the book it was very helpful to jog my memory on the book. Your review is written very well and easy to follow. I hope to read more of your posts in the future.

    • I really like how you go over this book. It gives a great explanation on the overall idea of it while not being too much. This book is really interesting and I like the way you describe it.

  • Grace wrote a new post

    Should Parents Hide Things From Their Children?

    Should parents hide things from their children? Personally, I do think parents should hide certain things from their children until an appropriate time. Parents’ main goal is to keep their children safe and sometimes hiding things will keep their...

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  • Lydia,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. You had great points and made it really interesting to read. I agree with you that “Individuals should care about animal extinction because when species become endangered, then it’s a sign indicating that our ecosystem is slowly deteriorating”. Everyone should be aware of what is happening in our world a…Read More

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