• I have always held a fascination with cemeteries. Ever since I read Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book, I have explored cemeteries near me, taking pictures, studying interesting graves, and researching names I t

    • Joe replied 3 weeks ago

      Gwendolyn, this is such an interesting read. Thank you for bringing Gen. Sears to our attention. and I love the idea of using research to resurrect the fogotten people of our history.

      On a slightly different topic, if you really love visiting graveyards, you should some day find a way to visit the Bates Cemetary in the Adirondach Park in New York State. It is the most interesting cemetary I have ever seen. I wish I could show you pictures. Many of the gravesites are decorated with flowers and momentos and photos and pinwheels. Some of the gravestones are weird, like the one that is shaped like an old time television set. One grave has a big sign that sys, “Cancer Sucks.” I wish I could attach pictures for you, but I guess you’ll just have to go there someday. It’s in the Town Of Johnsburg in Warren County.

      Meanwhile, keep on writing the histories of us little people.

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