• Love.

    A very powerful word.

    A word that can compel people to do stupid things.

    There was a poster hung up on the wall with different 4 letter words. The bright red poster was right near my desk. I had the honor

    • Cree replied 4 weeks ago

      Gigi- i love how you enjoyed making peoples day!

    • Dear Gigi,

      I am so moved by this. I too am like this. I love the poetic flow and the meaning you give this aticle/poem. The sentance that most stood out to me was “Making somone happy saying the word ‘love’ made me happy”. I love how soulful and meaningful this post is .Thank you for writting this. I was having such a horrible day amd reading this made me smile. I am looking foward to seeing you write more like this and I will return in the near future to read your posts.

    • Dear Gigi,

      I am intrigued by your view of love because It’s very similar to my own, and how I fell in love with the word love and all of the power it has at a young age. When I was a kid, I wrote it everywhere and said it frequently whether it was my mom or a complete stranger. One thing you said that stood out to me was “The word “Love” stayed with me from kindergarten to present day…” I think this is approachable because love is found in every culture, and country.

    • Dear Gigi I am intrigued by your post because the way you describe your view of the word love. but I believe the biggest reason of why I’m so intrigued is because in a way I am the same way. The word “Love” stayed with me from kindergarten to present day, to being the first word I was able to spell to making people happy. this quote sticks with me because in this day and age not a lot of people are like this and I connected to it on a personal level.

    • Abby replied 2 weeks ago

      I really enjoyed how descriptive you were in your topic. The words you used to describe the feeling of saying the word “love” made me feel like I was saying it and describing it as well. I thought it was interesting how this one word had such a huge impact on your life and how you treat people. The way you treated people when you were little by complimenting them and making them happy is something the world could use more of. I really liked reading your topic, thank you for your post.

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