• Through the history of the United States, the country has not always been known as “The Land of the Free” due to the use of discrimination and segregation against the African American population. The Civil War off

  • Hi Sloane,
    I completely agree with you that the United States is a melting pot because everyday in our towns, cities, and states we are forming different cultures, languages, and more that not only shape us, but also our surrounding society. Additionally on this topic, the American culture is just the mixture of a ton of different ones that make…[Read more]

  • Through our history as Americans, our values have changed many times as our country developed. However, we have always had the constants in our lives that make us who we are. Our changing values now have formed

    • Lillian,
      I agree with you that these values are important to us as Americans. Your usage of American documents to explore your ideas was a smart move and helps us all understand things more. I also like that you used quotations. You claim that the equality promised by the Declaration and other documents is unwavering and still provided to Americans today. Do you mean this in the sense of our separation from England or actual equality? Yes, we are still separated from England, but individual equality isn’t granted equally a lot of times. We as Americans have come a long way, yes, but would you agree that we have a long way to go as well?

    • Lillian,

      It is very clear in this paper that you know did your research into the topic and found the key points that American Creed comes down to, which I find is very informative and easier to understand from the reader’s perspective. What you mentioned about diversity echoes a lot of what I also mentioned in my paper, that diversity needs to be our strength in America. I liked how there was a clear point being made in each paragraph such as independence, unity and equality. This was very well written and formatted which made it great for learning more about American Creed.

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    Hi Branigan,
    I agree with the topic at hand with gun control and the consequences with what could happen if we did not have it. Because of the increased gun violence happening in the United States, we need to take into account of what to do with the guns now that they have become so dangerous to the people in schools or other highly populated…[Read more]

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