• Joseph, I’m really impressed with all the research you were able to come up with. You offered solutions to the problem as well after doing good job initially of presenting the issue. You did a good job of citing your sources as well.

  • Sid, your infographic did a good job of presenting the facts without delving too much into your personal opinion. By doing this, readers are able to see the situation through an unbiased lense.

  • Abinaov, I also chose to cover the topic of climate change. It will be interesting to see the results which both of our respective research efforts will uncover. So far it looks like you have lots of good data.

  • Brandon Gordon

    Mrs. Reed

    American Lit

    15 May 2017

    Huck Finn and Jim’s shared struggle for Freedom

    Throughout The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, we see a recurring theme of sense of freedom and how it m

  • Xochitl, I agree that changes for the worse are happening and something needs to be done about it. I think believing strongly in the need for positive change is the first step in the right direction

  • Brandon Gordon

    Mrs. Reed

    American Lit

    10 May 2017


    Protest Correctly

    In 2016, Colin Kaepernick, a American Football quarterback while playing for the San Francisco 49ers sparked a heated debate regarding

  • I agree. I would also agree that Huck has been a pretty lonely kid his entire life. With no family structure and an abusive Dad, loneliness must be a common feeling for Huck Finn.

  • Kait, I agree with your outlook on life. I find that having a positive outlook on everything is one of the few thing we can actually control. We can’t really control tragedy and accidents, but we are always able to keep our heads up and keep persevering. You recognize this in your piece.

  • I agree Ben. Homework constantly hanging over our heads can really impede our well being and stress us out.

  • I agree. I don’t think you will find a single elite professional who said they did not work hard. Talent only get one to a certain level, hard work is what is needed to reach higher.

  • I agree with this 100%. Often i feel like we keep ignoring the issue because we figure we will be long dead by the time it actually causes any major damage. We need to realize that this isn’t the next generation’s problem though and address it right away.

  • Dear Future President,

    Recently there has been a massive push across the nation to increase the minimum wage, which usually applies to fast food workers, to 15$ an hour. That is a bad idea. Raising the

    • Brandon, I totally agree with what you wrote and how minimum wage shouldn’t be raised higher. I think that raising minimum wages would cause more problems than what it’s fixing.

    • I agree! I think that not raising the minimum wage is the best choice for our economy. I feel like it is not right that people in the army are getting paid $8 for working so hard, and not that people at fast food places are not working hard but they are not putting their lives in danger for ours.

    • I agree brandon. Instead of raising the minimum wage, we should make more middle-class jobs. This would allow more people to get jobs and have a better income, instead of a person having multiple minimum wage jobs. Also, a high minimum wage would also increase inflation, which is bad.

    • Dear Brandon, I agree with you and what your wrote. The minimum wage is fair considering the amount of work that is done. In my mind you’re rewarded for the work you do, not just given what you think you need.

    • Brandon, I agree that minimum wage should stay where it is but for a whole different reason that you did not present: inflation. If McDonald’s or Walmart is forced to increase wages for their workers, instead of having a huge layoff as you predict, these companies would most likely raise the prices of their products in order to pay their workers’ wages. Now the workers benefiting from higher wages just have to pay more for the products they need everyday. Therefore, their standard of living did not increase, just the scale of wages to prices, otherwise known as inflation. Inflation has been historically detrimental for American economics. For example, both the Great Depression and the Great Recession were two of the biggest inflation periods in american history. Because of inflation, if you were to lose your job, supporting yourself would be so much harder because prices are that much higher. That is why raising minimum wage does not help workers. Still, minimum wage workers struggle to make ends meet, but, in order to help them, the focus instead needs to be on lowering the prices of everyday goods, so as to increase the standard of living. There are many ways to do that like tax breaks for big companies moving back to the U.S. so as to increase competition and lower prices organically. This will also lead to more available jobs. But in lowering prices minimum wage can go a lot further than where it is now.

    • I completely agree that the minimum wage should not be raised and that it undermines the american dream. I think your writing is very organized, clear and understandable and you used many examples which strengthened your argument.

    • Brandon, I think minimum wage should be increased to at least $10 an hour as right now no one can sustainably live off of minimum wage. My aunt works at mcdonald’s almost full time and can not afford rent unless she works a second job as a hospital lunch lady. I think anyone who works forty hours a week deserves a wage that brings them above the poverty line.

    • Brandon, minimum wage should be raised especially for people that are put in a very stressful situation. Fast food cooks may be put in a situation in where something horrible can occur.

  • The extreme guidelines on cafeteria food does nothing to fight obesity, deprives students of a nutritious meal, and siphons away a huge amount of capital from school districts. Every single day I leave the school

    • I agree with your argument. I stopped eating school lunches long ago because they not only provided little to no nutrition but also because they are unappealing. If we were to reboot school lunches how would we do so? What can we do right to make a change?

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