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Phoney Baloney? A Look into Psychodynamic Therapy

Along with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy is one of the two most used therapies to treat phobias. Psychodynamic therapy and CBT appear very similar on the surface. Both therapies rely on sessions with trained therapists and the connection that forms between patient and therapist over the course of the therapy. Moreover, both types of therapies are talk based […]

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Time to Talk About Talk Therapy

When most people hear the word “psychotherapy”, they think of hour long sessions with a therapist that can go on for months and months. There is good basis for these assumptions as psychotherapy has taken this form for over one hundred years. Many therapists use this model of sessions that go on for a very long duration of time due […]

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The New and the Old: Treatments for Phobias

There are a lot of treatments for phobias, both typical phobias and more uncommon phobias. Exposure therapy is a very common method of treating phobias, specifically phobias that center around one thing or one situation. Phobias commonly treated with exposure therapy include arachnophobia (fear of spiders), most other animal or insect fears, glossophobia (fear of public speaking), and other social […]

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The Logical and Illogical of the Illogical

Merriam Webster defines a phobia as “an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation” (Merriam-Webster). However, of the millions of “illogical” phobias out there, some are much more common than others. One approximation, states that 31.1% of adults in the United States have, or have had at some point in their lives, […]

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Emilia lashes out

OthelloBody positivity How Do We Protect Our Privacy in the Modern Technological World? Othello: Loving and Serious My Voice Entering Shakespeare’s World Othello Close Reading Othello Recording Medical Marijuana Studies on Medical Marijuana as Treatment for Various Conditions Immigrants Create A better Community Voice of Desdemona More Parks for Oakland! The Effect Of Violence On Youth, Oakland California Why Violence […]

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Technology: Friend, Enemy, or “Frienemy”

George Orwell’s dystopian classic, 1984, seems near prophetic when looking back on the work today. Orwell predicts the increase of surveillance and the decline of personal privacy. However, there is one area in which Orwell misses the mark almost entirely–the use of technology. Yes, Orwell predicted that new technologies would be used to surveil citizens and devices like Amazon’s Alexa […]

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The Pay Day Dilemma

Gender equality is at the forefront of national debates as politicians argue over how to go about creating equal pay and whether or not equal pay is really necessary. Proponents of equal pay claim that equal pay is a fundamental right and that equal pay ensures that women are likely to branch into all fields, not just the fields that […]

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Policing Immigration

Immigration may well be the hottest issue in the United States today. Some people want to build physical walls to keep illegal immigrants out. Others want to welcome them with open arms. However, the issue of state and local police helping or hindering ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents’ agendas has implications far beyond how many immigrants get deported. One […]

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