• Jamileth,
    You have a lot of strong points in your argument and you make a decent case for why schools should be allowed to censor online speech. I think you could have made the argument even better if you had acknowledged the other side of the argument and given a response to those issues. By addressing issues like first amendment rights, internet…[Read more]

  • Winston’s job in 1984 is to effectively rewrite history in a fashion that supports the party and Big Brother. By creating media and editing past texts to make sure that the party is viewed as infallible, Winston c

  • Abraham,
    Your story is inspiring for me because it is rare these days that people are willing to follow their dreams. It is so cool that you are training to be a professional soccer player while still maintaining your studies. I appreciate your candidness in telling a piece of your story. It is so cool that you are able to speak two languages…[Read more]

  • Thank you for writing about the issue of poverty in the United States. It is so frequently assumed by the middle and upper class of the US that there is no big problem with impoverished citizens; this is blatantly false. One of the statistics you mentioned about the minimum wage not being enough for a small apartment was startling and upsetting.…[Read more]

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    I really enjoyed your analysis of creativity and hearing about how big of a role it has in your everyday life. You are absolutely correct when you say that life would be more boring if creativity wasn’t a major part of peoples’ lives. Inventions that further progress and make the world a better place are all results of the fruits of…[Read more]

  • Gerrymandering is a hated practice throughout both Republican and Democratic parties in America. It is the practice of dividing up voting districts unfairly in order to over-represent a certain party or candidate,

    • This post is really informative and gives a lot of insight into a rather important topic. Your use of diction is great, and it makes the piece flow pretty well. I thought the pacing was fine too, you conveyed a good amount of information using clear, concise, vivid language. I think one thing you might improve upon is establishing your stance on the matter more. You’ve clearly stated your view on the matter, but I think you would find it beneficial to make use of more statements like the last one in your final paragraph. These, coupled with your excellent use of diction, would make this piece even better.

  • I agree with the statement: “Raising wages will reduce income inequality because the people making minimum wage will earn more per year reducing the gap in pay.” Although this may seem like a self-explanatory statement, there are actually many nuances that go along with this assumption. The basis for comparison is the current economic salary of…[Read more]

  • Your description of anxiety is very accurate. “We all have some form of fear. In my case the anxiety I have is considered a mental illness.” I really like this quote because you make an acknowledgment that everyone has some sort of fear/generalized anxiety, but most people do not have the serious anxiety that you experience. What is something…[Read more]

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