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    Dear Derrick,

    I am impressed by your music called “JazzDanceBeat” because the music changes in the middle of the beat.

    One line was in the middle of the song at 21:00 seconds. It changes beat from fast to slow.

    Your beat reminds me of the old Jazz Beat.

    Thanks for your beat, I look forward to seeing what you make next because I like old school music.

  • Dear Luis

    I am amazed about this poem. Part two of the first part last . I was amazed because Bobby had a baby at a young age.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is” This boy named Bobby has a baby at the age of 16 named Feather. Before Feather Bobby used to escape from school and have fun with his friends K-boy and J.L.” I think thi…[Read more]

  • This image shows that she is trying to say that she is not nobody’s pet and she is a human like everyone else, and she wants to be treated equally. One central idea I got from this image is that native A

  • This text is telling us that the people who lived should not have problems or an excuse to learn the english language because they were born there.

    One claim that I got from this picture was that English is a

    • I agree with you that people should be able to speak what they want to say, but I would add more. I would add more to what the picture is showing, and also add more to your claim.

    • I agree with that statement that people should be free to speak whatever language they want to speak, and maybe another if they want too.

    • Glendy I completely agree that people should be able to speak whatever language they want. It is their right to be able to do such a thing. I think because our nation has so many different races and languages, it makes us more diverse and better. Language is such a beautiful thing, and everyone should be able to do it however they want. Here is a link showing why people should learn another language: https://www.pandatree.com/reason_foreign_language. Learning a new language can help us in many ways, and since diversity is very important to me, I completely agree with you.

    • I think speaking more than one language is a good thing. But if you are in the US, you have to learn and know English well.

    • I don’t see the point of this because freedom of speech is a thing and you are already able to speak any language you would like to in this country. The overwhelming majority of this country speaks English just how every other country in the world has their own native language. English is not necessary to live in the US, it is just easier to socialize and complete daily tasks if it is known. Again just like any other country.

    • I agree with you that people have the right to speak whatever language they are comfortable with because language in itself is a great thing that brings people together in so many ways. however i do think that in the US you should know english or Spanish as these are the most predominate languages that are spoken and i imagine it would be very difficult to communicate with others when that is the majority.

    • Hi Glendy!
      I agree that people should be able to speak whatever language they are the most comfortable with in the United States. English, though a global and popular language, should not be considered superior in comparison to other languages. In my opinion, as our world becomes increasingly globalized, it should be a requirement to be at least bilingual. In the United States, for example, I think it would be beneficial for citizens to have a general understanding of the Spanish language and ideally be fluent. The following article explains the benefits of being bilingual in today’s world: https://www.success.com/why-everyone-should-be-bilingual/. I hope you take a look at it! I hope to hear more from you about this topic!

  • This picture is telling us how women were fighting and protesting to get their freedom and they want women to unite and protest and fight together.

  • text and drive is bad because it causes major accidents and it can kill a lot of people.

  • Drugs are chemicals that affect the body and brain. Different drugs can have different effects. Some effects of drugs include health consequences that are long-lasting and permanent. They can even continue after

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