• I did not about the Kalief Browder story, but I agree that it is one of the many examples of injustice with the justice system and the prison system. I recently wrote about the effects of prison, and I think that my research explains the mental health issues he developed following his jail time. This link might help you find out about what issues…[Read more]

  • I agree with you that there is injustice with the justice system and within the prison system. I recently wrote a research paper about the effects of prison and one website that helped me understand what occurs within the system is from the ASPE…[Read more]

  • I did not know about this movement or statement that people are using to express their tolerance, but I am happy to see that this is happening during a time of so much intolerance. However I think that things like this should be expanded into programs or classes that would teach people how to listen and how to be more open. I think that this would…[Read more]

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    The topic you chose is very interesting, and something I never thought. However it’s apparent through your research that in today’s society the brand we wear can affect our self worth, and our economy. Great job !

  • The overwhelming amount of studies preformed on the various inmate populations of the prison system suggest that the system itself is putting the physiological and physical health of inmates at risk.  With living

    • Dear Giselle,
      I can wholeheartedly agree with you on this issue you have presented me/to the community. As I am reading this, I can just think about insanity. As some people are sentenced to life in jail, they suffer from all these illnesses you have included in your post. One particular sentence stood out to me, “This combination of mental illness, and maladaptive behavior are making rehabilitation, and reintegration into society difficult for many women and men.” You connect your sentences to make the problem be bigger, to express it in a more critical way. I loved that. Generally, prisons were created for rehabilitation as you said, and reflecting on one’s faults and minds. Some people do, but the majority is where people go insane with their combinations of illness based on the lack of mental and physical exercise. I really enjoyed your post.

  • In attempt to understand the effects of prison on mental health I have found interesting information about inmates organized into female and male. As apparent through the data found in the Journal of Psychiatric &

    • Giselle:) I thought this was really well written and cohesive. I’m interested to see if there are any links between the severity of mental health degradation in prisons and race. (i.e.: Do certain races experience more PTSD than others?)

    • This piece was very well formatted and kept itself concise and to the point. I would like to know more about the dichotomy between prisons and the ages of the inmates.

    • This is a very interesting topic and its nice to hear more about it. This is something that doesn’t cross most peoples minds when they think of incarceration, but it is something that needs to be addressed with the growing populations in prisons.

    • This was very interesting to read and I learned a lot from reading it. This is something I’d like to learn more about! Nice piece 🙂

    • Again this is something I feel people overlook constantly and is never really addressed so reading and leaning more about the effects of prison on mental health. I am definitely interested in seeing more.

    • Dear Giselle,
      This was very interesting because I did not know that much information about that. I’m glad you made this because not many people think about this. I did not know that the male and female would have been treated the same. Also, that they would be treated different than other prisoners. Then they start to feel lonely and they get separated from their kids. Also, because they get really bored because they don’t have anything else to do. So, I did not know this much information about that and now I know more.

    • Dear Giselle and other commentors,
      Hello! My name is Olivia and I am a research student at the University of Nebraska. I am wondering if you’d be willing to answer just a couple questions I had for you regarding youth voices? Your responses would help me further a research analysis of this community and would remain anonymous. Answering the questions would take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Let me know if you are interested by messaging me on this site!

    • Dear Giselle:

      I am very interested and delighted about your post “The effects of Prison On Mental Health” because it focuses on a topic that many don’t think about. Learning about mental health is something i enjoy learning because it teaches me a lot. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “For instance the isolation and lack of physical and mental activity led to anger, stress, and frustration in both.” I think this is significant because it conveys that both male and females are affected negatively.
      Another sentence that I found to be important was: “As both female and male inmates endure isolation and little to no mental stimulation the system is causing their experiences to be filled with trauma and bad habits.” This stood out for me because it shows how both males and females are similar and different when it comes to their mental health. I do agree with you about
      people having a connection when they are in prison affecting their mental health very negatively.Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because your writing was very interesting and i learned a lot.

    • Dear :

      I am interested by your article , “The effects of prison on mental health because, it is very informative. In addition, the topic is one I do not think about often so it was interesting to think of it now.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “For instance the isolation and lack of physical and mental activity led to anger, stress, and frustration in both.”” I think this is important because both genders are affected equally

      Another sentence that I Looked at was: “Although the factors vary it is apparent that the similarities come from the structure of the prison system itself..” This stood out for me because it shows how the prison sentence is horrible

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you explain very cohesively.

    • This topic is a topic than is not commonly discussed. It is important that was are able to keep people mentally stable while they are serving time. It also never occurred to me that gender plays a roll in insanity. I believe this topic should be discussed in more debates, and there should be a solution to it.

    • Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I agree with what you are saying.

    • Dear Giselle,
      I am delighted to find such an uncommon article that has been well analyzed and written. Not only did you get a generalization but you also found gender specifics. In my opinion this is a very dis-regarded topic and should be dwelled upon more, because while un-common it is very important and while felons are felons, they are still human beings and deserve care.

    • Dear Giselle,

      I am surprised your post because I didn’t know that men and women have different reasons for mental distress in prison. I didn’t think of it much either.One thing that stood out to me was the fact that females have stress from the separation from their families, but for the males its mostly because of inmates. the aspects are really different from one another. Thanks for your project. I look forward to seeing what you write next.

    • Giselle, the topic that you brought up was really intriguing. It helped me question prison systems and if they really are right. I also didn’t know that prison can cause many mental health issues. Thanks for posting.

    • Dear Giselle,

      I really liked your topic as it was really interesting. It showed me how the mental health of average people and incarcerated people are different as incarcerated peoples’ mental health get effected in prison. I look forward to reading more of your posts in hope that they will be as interesting and detailed as this.

    • Jay replied 12 months ago

      Dear Giselle,
      I am insterested by your post “The Effects of Prison On Mental Health” because it is a very intriguing topic. Only people who have actually been through prison could have experienced this. Also, most of us don’t think of the effects of prison as we would never dream of being put in a cell. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “For example in the hierarchy prompted by violence and bullying the cause of this in men is more apparent.” I think this is accurate because the rate of bullying between boys in schools are higher than the rate of bullying between girls as well, so this would happen in prison too. Another sentence that I agreed with was “Therefore forcing inmates to rely on power and strength for a higher place in the hierarchy of prison.” This stood out to me because it accurately shows what the prison hierarchy is based on. I don’t completely agree with the fact that the hierarchy of prison is solely based on only power and strength because intelligence can be a part of it too as decision making is a very important skill. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because the topic that you chose was intriguing and the evidence provided to support your claim was sufficient and accurate.

    • Giselle, you did a great job connecting this information with the reader’s emotions. It’s such an important topic and needs to be fixed quickly before circumstances worsen. Very interesting!

    • This is really well done Giselle! I liked how you made a point to mention the differences in male and female incarnation. It is such a heavy topic to cover so by dividing the two groups of people and identifying the typical individual repercussions that incarnation has on a person helps give your research more empathy to it.

    • This was a plausible article and this interested me very much. The fact that prison’s “purpose” is to “help” a criminal to organize themselves and leave, unless sentenced for life, calm and having no intentions to do crimes. But seemingly, you stated a research that proved that prison was doing the exact opposite from its purpose and bringing people/criminals to a more emotional, aggravated, hostile state. Like you said, children’s lives could’ve changed because a mother was sent to jail, men are just a different story because they just react violently to the apparent 23 hours of boredom and get angrier each hour. I learned many things about psychology through this article.

    • Dear Giselle,
      Your post about about “The effects of prison on mental health” really intrigued me about the behavior of these inmates. It’s interesting how they act or behave under different circumstances, like how hard it is for women to separate from their loved ones, like their children. I enjoyed reading your post and how prison treats their inmates, as well as the psychology behind it.

    • Dear Giselle,

      I am shocked by how people are dealt in prison, with your informative passage, “The Effects of Prison on Mental Health,” because when people, human beings are sent to prison they need proper help in order to when they get released to live a normal life and not take out someone else’s.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “experience lock downs of 23 hours a day” I think this is alarming because only 1 hour you can get out of your cell and do normal things the rest of the hour you just sit in your cell thinking about what you have done and what you want to do for revenge or other things.

      Another sentence that I was alarmed was: “only 9% of fathers take care of these womens’ children.” This stood out for me because both the woman and man of a family both take care of the child at home. But it’s saying that only a few men in the world who have a wife in prison actually care about their child.

      You document reminds me of something that happened to me. One time when my grandfather died all of my family members came to mourn for his death but compare that to men caring about their child which is next to none.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because this topic is very alarming and needs to be resolved ASAP before its gets to out of hand.

  • Great Job Vanessa, I think your topic is very interesting and never thought about it, as someone who doesn’t play sports. The idea of repeating a saying can change someones overall performance in sports is a new idea to me. It is interesting to think about connecting a physical activity to the mental activity of mantras, and a certain mentality.

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    In research to answer the question, does the prison experience cause psychological issues, I have found the following information about the prison life.  

    According to Prisons, an article from Opposing

    • Grace replied 1 year ago

      Giselle- this is a very interesting topic and I’m glad you decided to research this area. I think this topic leaves a lot of room for discussion and study, there are a lot of topics of study involved in this paper. I’m interested in seeing if you find any more answers to the questions you asked. Like what what, if any psychological issues are caused by prison. I wonder if there is any way prisons could change some procedures causing less psychological harm to the prisoners?

    • Dear, Giselle
      I think the topic that you are researching is a very interesting topic that needs to have some light shone over it. The thing that makes this so interesting is the fact that the police force is abusing their power and we as a whole need to come up with ways that we can put an end to it. Another thing that i found interesting is the standard of living that they get. How would you make that better for them? How hard would it be? How long do you think it will take?

    • Mayree replied 1 year ago

      Giselle, I enjoyed reading about your topic. Prison I believe is somethin we as people especially government put on the back burner, especially the way in which inmates are treated. It was good to get a new insight of what is lacking in the system. Yes, it is true that prisoners are not suppose to be waited on, partly due to the facts they are in their to serve their time and think about the actions they have made. But, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be respected and seen as humans. Those that have power in the prisons shouldn’t abuse it. They need to do their jobs the right way. Can’t wait to hear more about your discoveries on this topic.

    • Erin replied 1 year ago

      This is a very interesting topic! I think there is a lot of potential. I think you should definitely research more into punishment vs. rehabilitation in prison, which is quite the controversial topic right now and relates to the rights of the prisoners and the psychological effects of prison.

    • Giselle, I really like ur topic and how this Is something that is not necessarily often discussed. I think this is an important topic to adress because prisoners are often cast aside as worthless and we need to be aware to nake sure they are still treated with human dignity.

    • Robin replied 1 year ago

      I really REALLY like this topic! You are very courageous to do research about people who are normally shunned by society. I also really like the idea of checking out the mental technicalities that are on both sides of the law. Good luck!

    • Sarah replied 1 year ago

      Giselle, I find this very interesting. I never really considered the state of prisoners and whether or not they get treated fairly. I think this is very interesting and important. I like how you found out facts about prison life and then correlated them yourself with psychological issues. I think you should try to find research on the other side of things just so there is a fair bias in your research. I’m intrigued and can’t wait to find out more.

    • Emma replied 1 year ago

      You are very brave to do research on such a hot topic like this. I think your paper will be very interesting and will leave a lot of your viewers enlightened on what really goes on in prison. No one really cares about inmates solely because they are in prison. I am glad you are bringing light to the situation. Good luck on your paper, I can’t wait to read more.

  •   After reading Dead Man Walking by Sister Helen Prejean, and picturing the inmates on death row in 1995, I became interested in the effects of the prison system. I was astonished by the almost alternate u

    • Seth replied 1 year ago

      This is a very interesting topic. I think it also would be interesting to look into how these psychological problems effect the behavior of the inmates once they are released. Prison is supposed to be a primarily rehabilitating experience that helps create citizens better prepared to be contributing members of society. If they are forced to live in conditions that lead to the issues you mentioned then it does not positively impact anyone, the inmate or society in general.

    • Skylar replied 1 year ago

      I think this is a really strong topic, because it is clearly overlooked in most cases. We don’t really consider the mental tole prisoners go through. The conditions of prison are also almost never focused on. This connection between mental illnesses and prison life is huge and in order to have successful rehabilitation facilities, this needs to be fixed.

  • Katie, this article gives a short and very informative explanation about amputations. Not only did you provide information about both methods but you included a personal experience. It helped make the issue more than just a medical article but an informative article that is easy to understand for someone who has never been exposed this topic. Great job!

  • This topic is not recognized as much as it should be. Malaria and other illnesses like dengue fever are everyday struggles for those living in third world countries. Bed nets should be resources that are easily obtained by those living in places that are at risk for malaria and dengue.
    Along with bed nets, these countries have trouble controlling…[Read more]

  • I agree that within the issue of broken homes and their effect on child development there are many different topics and sub divisions. However by including all of these layers in your essay you can have a deeper explanation of the entire concept.
    To add more scientific evidence and categorize your research you can include the neurological…[Read more]

  • Callie, the way you made the piece personal from the beginning made it more than just a research article. Your personal experience with scientific evidence made the issue easier to understand someone, like myself, who knew very little about this topic. Once I understood your reasoning behind this topic it made me interested to know your stance,…[Read more]

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    Elliot your poem’s style and use of literary tools make it impact full and relatable. With imagery, such as the wave, make the poem vivid and have a powerful voice.

  • I think your poem does a very good job at offering such a powerful message about what is occurring in our society. With repition and other literary tools your poem is powerful and has a great style and sound.

  • Hi Anna,
    I agree that teenagers lack sleep, and later starting times would possibly give students an hour more of sleep. However I dont think it would outweigh the cons, because if our activities outside of school were pushed back an hour they would extend to later hours in the night. Therefore it would make most stay up later, and interfere with…[Read more]

  • Many people do not take into account the effect our beauty and health products are having on the environment, but your post makes it apparent that it is an issue. Your evidence and style make the topic relevant to the environmental issues of today. I think you should think about the different methods to remove plastic from the ocean, like the…[Read more]

  • I agree with your feeling towards the useless wall, and unjust trials. Instead of worrying on how to keep people out, let us find a way to resolve the issues that are causing these people to migrant, let us find solutions for gang and cartel violence, and give the protection to those who need it.
    If you want to know more about the unjust ways in…[Read more]

  • Your piece has such a strong voice, and allowed me to picture every line. It made me evaluate my own community and think about my feelings towards it

  • Despite popular belief, the majority of families and unaccompanied children migrating into the U.S. through the border with Mexico are not those from Mexico, but Central America. It is people from Guatemala,

    • Dear Giselle,
      I am very satisfied with your post, because I could really relate to this considering the fact that my mother is an immigrant and struggles a lot with the fear of being detained and taken away from our family. One thing you said that stands out for me is “when these families and children have reached the border they are greeted by Homeland Security who is ready to detain them. This detainment is what is known as apprehension, or otherwise the arrest of removable “aliens.” I think it is sad that immigrant families have to face situations such as these including children who’s minds are still developing and don’t comprehend why they can’t come to a country and educate themselves to better their lives, because of situations like these it’s harder for these children to better their lives if they aren’t given the opportunity.
      Jennifer Lopez

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