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    The question I have is why animal cruelty still exists. For years now I have been vegetarian because I have learned the horrible conditions animals have to suffer to be used for human demands. If you do it

    Why Does Animal Cruelty Still Exist?

    The question I have is why animal cruelty still exists. For years now I have been vegetarian because I have learned the horrible conditions animals have to suffer to be used for human demands. If you do it correctly,...

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    • I am also vegetarian and the meat/diary industries are probably the most inhumane industries in this country. The animals are cramped in small cages, babies are taken away from their mamas, millions of baby male chicks die, pig get their tails cut off etc. It is extreme abuse, and not okay. I agree every existence on this earth have equal value. Also the vegetarian/vegan life style is so much healthier physically and mentally.

    • Hi Gilli,
      I completely agree with you, animal cruelty is a horrible travesty. Even without being a vegetarian I still try to get food that does not take animals for granted. Being a vegetarian is a great way to help animals, however it is not for everyone. I commend you for being one, but I can’t imagine myself being a vegetarian. However that doesn’t stop me from trying to help animals. Getting products that have treated animals kindly is one thing I do. Though I could certainly do more, helping at animal shelters or something else. It is quite surprising to me how badly people treat animals.

    • Gilli,
      I agree that animals should be treated with the same amount of respect for their life as we would give to a human but there is also the argument that some of the products or foods we get from animals that we simply can’t live without. And in some of these cases the method of retrieving the product might not sound humane but it is the only way we know how to retrieve it at the rate that our species demands it. Did you look into any ways that efforts are being made today to help create more humane ways to get animal products? It is awfully impressive that you are able to switch to a vegetarian diet in order to support the animals but there are so many consumers of animal products out there that does it really make a difference? This definitely is an opportunity for someone to develop an innovative way to retrieve the animal products we need without acting in inhumane ways towards the animals and I think you have the potential to be that person. Great post!

    • hey gilli,

      I agree so much with you, i’m a vegetarian for about two years and between this years I were one year vegan and that is one of my best decisions I ever did in my life. It is also so much better for my body and mental health. I don’t miss meat in any second of my life.

      I really can’t understand how humans can be violent to animals, they feel pain, like you and me. They should be free, it is possible to life with animals together in peace.

    • Gilli,
      Your piece really got me thinking about animal cruelty and ways to prevent it. I am not a vegetarian, but the thought of becoming one has crossed my mind before. In what ways do you think being a vegetarian can stop or combat animal cruelty? I’m a big animal lover and I agree that the way people treat animals is horrible. I’m glad that there are people who care for animals and want to make a difference though!

    • Gilli,
      I absolutely agree with your stance on how animals are treated. It’s cruel and unnecessary in most situations, but I don’t think it’s necessary to completely give up animals and animal products. I think the industry should be reformed and we shouldn’t need as big of an industry as we currently have. There should be more regulations and the animals should be kept safer. Though, I think some industries should be completely abolished there are some that help. While all life is important, there are varying degrees of importance. There shouldn’t be cruelty but there also doesn’t need to be a complete lack of eating and using animals. Lastly, in general I’d have to disagree with the stance that animal lives and human lives are the same, I’d hope that in a situation where you had to pick between a human life and an animal life you’d chose human. Though, you are right in saying how we treat animals is terrible.

    • Wait… Wait just one second… We raise animals specifically for lab testing, not effecting their wild population whatsoever, and most animals we test on are completely domesticated and wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild due to a lack of human interventionism. The loss of wild animal life is largely due, not to over hunting or “cruel” human practices on them, but habitat loss, which, well, do you live in a home? Guess what! You just caused the death of 2 deer, 3 squirrels, 2 rabbits, 1 chipmunk, 4 woodpeckers, 1000 ants, 200 cockroaches, 1200 termites, and 500 worms.

    • Also from all logical standpoints we are better than them, reason being is we’re the highest on the food chain, they are subservient to us and at our disposal. Mind blown right? The shark is greater and stronger than the seal.


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