Gildardo Cortez


    I went to my cousin party and was there till like 8 at night because I had a game in Bladium at 9. So my Uncle came and picked me up and we went to the game. We went with Manny, my two u

  • Dear Alex,
    I like how in your shadow box you have about soccer and that you are mexican. Then the shinguard in the box is how much I play soccer and how much I love to play soccer. Is good to have that because you can protect yourself from getting hurt or injured. And I connect to this because I also like to play soccer and am mexican and go for…[Read more]

  •  This shadow box represents my background because of the Mexican flag in the the box. When people look at me, they see… if I play soccer or am I mexican, it’s true that I’m Mexican and like to play soccer bu

    • Alex replied 1 month ago

      Dear Gildardo,
      I am interested in your shadow box because you are showing what you like or admire in your life. You show your love in the sport soccer and that Cristiano Ronaldo is your favorite soccer player. You have a headband to keep your hair back so when you are in a soccer match, your hair don’t get in your way. I think this shadow box is a good project because you are showing everyone your work and what you love. A question I have for you and your shadow box is what do the earphones mean in your box and how do they represent your life. Thanks for your writing, I look to seeing what you write next, because what you write is interesting and catches my eye. Then the soccer cleats and other soccer objects you put is interesting.

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