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manufacturing can prove millions of jobs, but sweatshops usually go out to the poorest nations but to better-off countries.

One woman wishing the best for her 10 yer old son to grow up and work at a factory also she seen a lot of kids get ran over by the garbage truck and she don't want that to happen to her kid. Also he hasn't been bathed since he was 2 years old

The young lady said she wants to work in a factory and it's in the shade not in the sun.

people are searching for recycling bottles to sell for 5 cents a pound. Also many people live in shacks on this smoking garbage. but it shocks the americans that the poorest countries is not that sweatshops exploit too many people.

they had to walk a lot from the some from subterranean fires.

some consumers look at the label to make sure if its made in the U.S.A because they don't like the other cheap labor.

If you get a piece of cloth and it's from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Honduras it is the worst of the worst.

some companies have to rely on a third-person monitoring if they're a small company.

The companies don't really care if they lose 100 of workers.

countries like Bangladesh and pakistan have cheap clothes and the US and chain have there clothes for a higher price because they are in better quality.

Sometimes the works don't receive their wages.

people shop at affordable places like H&M Forever 21 so as soon the clothes fall apart they can throw them away without losing a lot of money. The wages at Rana Plaza are 14 cents an hour.

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