• I found it really positive that you decided to post something like this say what rights immigrants have.

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    Dear Shirley,
    I really enjoyed your post I agree that our country needs to be safe. Great job Shirley

  • Dear Jasmin,
    I agree with some of these issues that are going on in our country. I think that everyone has the right to speak what they think. And I also think that poor people should get shelter and others to help out. Good job on the post!

  • Dear Future President of the United States,

    I would like to congratulate you on being the President of the United States Of America. An important issue that I care about is equality is a major issue in our

    • Dear Glendy,
      Your writing is awesome and I total hear what you are trying to say. Many people are discriminating people for the color or type of people they are. How is it that people discriminate people with different colors, when they don’t know their real personality. You have a great point. Your piece of writing was really detailed. Good job.

    • Glendy, I’ve also noticed that latino Americans are judged based on stereotypes. The stereotypes that all Mexicans are ” rapists or drug dealers” are not true and it is sad to think that Presidential Candidates such as Donald Trump can even use these stereotypes as well. I believe that equality is a big issue in the United States today. Inequality not only exists on the racial level, but it also exists in the gender and economic sectors as well. I believe that if the next president of the United States makes it there mission to embrace equality, then the rest of the nation will follow his/her lead and embrace equality as well. As a citizen of the United States, I believe that America is a land of freedom and unity, and even though I came to this country as a refugee, I have created an American self-identity that I want my posterity to share as well.

    • Hello,
      As a fellow American I appreciate your concern for equality in our country. I would like to note that generally under US law, people of any race are considered to be equal. I realize there are exceptions to this rule in the form of improper state laws, but our general policies are equal before law. I say that in acknowledgement that the issues you speak of are social issues, rather than legal issues for the most part. I agree with everything you say in terms of racial inequality being a part of our society today. I do think your argument would be stronger if you backed it up with examples and proper grammar just to reassure readers what you are talking about is true. While I agree there are racial issues in the US, what you bring up about hispanics is in my opinion oversimplified. To say illegal immigrants who are “just looking for a better opportunity for their families” should get the same rights as Americans is in my opinion incorrect, because they are not Americans. I think all people should be respected and treated with concern for their human dignity. That being said, there is certainly a problem with border security in our country. Our immigration laws are in place to ensure that the people coming to our country are safe and will contribute positively to our capitalist democratic system. People who try to circumvent this system by immigrating illegal are in clear violation of our laws and do not deserve the same protection as American citizens under the law. Again, I agree with much of what you said and your concerns for racial equality in the US, I just see this as a problem which needs to be further addressed by your argument.

    • This piece is well written and outlines the injustices minorities and immigrants face on a daily basis in this country. This unacceptable for a country of immigrants and is something the next president needs to fix.

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  • Glendy‘s profile was updated 1 year, 3 months ago

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