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    This movie poster represents the divide between races that is happening in this country. In this poster the two sides is a White guy named Dylan and a Mexican girl named

    • German,
      I think this an interesting take on a modern version of Romeo and Juliet. I agree that a modern day story would involve races rather than the different kingdoms. I am not sure what the assignment was, but I would love to see this story expanded and brought to life because it is a really interesting one. I think the story of Romeo and Juiiet could be created in a multitude of ways but this type about race is definitely applicable in this day and age. Thank you for your post.

  • Dear Anne,
    I am moved by your post,¨Can Videogame to Movie Adaptations Work?¨. I am moved because I am a gamer as well and I want there to be a good movie adaptation of a game. One of the sentences you wrote,¨I think that’s why they fall apart, because they can’t make it a game, but they can’t just ignore the game’s audience preference…[Read more]

  • Dear Sam,
    I am enlightened by by your post, ¨How big is the universe?¨ because I am interested by space as well. It is interesting and there is so much we still have to discover about it. I agree with the part that says there is an infinite amount of anything in the universe because we are still getting new light hit the earth every day so i…[Read more]

  • This shadow box represents my chosen and assigned identities. A assigned identity I have in this box is being Mexican and this is represented by the hot sauce bottle and the Mexican flag. This is an assigned

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