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Covid-19 Volunteers

In the article ” The Volunteers” by Jan Hoffman it talks about how some teens volunteered for the covid-19 trial vaccinations. 2 young adolescents named Alexandra and Isabelle King got out of their science class for a good cause (The Trial Vaccinations). And they believe since they helped try out the Vaccinations they didn’t have to take their science test Since they were already […]

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Our Future Meat World

Did you know that there are scientists trying to come up with an alternate option for meat? This new type of meat is called a lab-based type of meat. So far it has only been tried in Singapore but very soon we might be able to see some here in the United States. They want to go to this alternative […]

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Our new Economy with COVID

Since the beginning of Covid, the United States has depended too heavily on other countries to manufacture everyday goods such as masks, clothes, hand sanitizer, and other critical items. Wessel, for example, believes that “there has been a recognition that if you rely too heavily on long supply chains and go to China, we may find ourselves in a bad […]

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Not everything that Shines is Gold

Not all you read on the internet is real. According to research, the internet contains a lot of useful material, but not all of it is reliable. For example, when this video of an orangutan washing its hands went viral. The majority of people assumed this was due to the coronavirus pandemic, which was also affecting animals, but in fact, […]

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The truth about our plastic

Ever since World War 2 began, plastic has been a massive global problem. Most Americans think that it will be reused and reduced while it continues to be recycled if you put a plastic item in a recycling bin. But most plastic is actually shipped to landfills because it’s cheaper. Plastic landfills have become a major concern because toxic contaminants […]

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Crises Facing Biden: Covid-19, Climate Change, Immigration, China…

Now that Bidens is the next president of the United States, he’s going to have to face some very major crises that have never been faced by any other president. First of all, he’s going to have to confront the Covis-19 pandemic left as a mess by former President Trump. We need to fill the vacuum that our economy has […]

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The Remarkable Journey of an Ironman

There is this very young individual called Chris Nikic and he was born with a chromosome disorder referred to as down syndrome but that didn’t stop him from accomplishing his dreams. He did struggle quite a lot he changed schools frequently to look for the perfect school for him. It did take him longer to learn these things but he […]

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Crimes Against Humanity

Basically during World War 1 there were lots of executions and it was basically Jews being executed. This war was one of the most devastating wars because over 6 million jews were executed like if it was nothing. But it wasn’t just jews that the germans considered “undesirables” and they are roma’s, gay people, and people with disabilities. So he […]

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An Election Like No Other

This year is a new year for people to vote in a presidential election. But due to this pandemic that is affecting everyone from voting in person, it might be a bit more different and overwhelming for everyone. The new way of voting this year is mostly going to be done via mail. For example, In different states, there are […]

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The Vaping Crisis – What can be done to stop it?

Vaping is starting to become a big worldwide issue many teens are starting to get involved with this little but addicting plastic stick. And once people try it that is when it starts to become addicting and your body is going to want more smoke, toxins, and lead in your lungs. Once you try this you are going to have […]

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