• I like the way that you didn’t use sort of like a box on your last drawing. Also I like the story that you shared with your brother on how you started to play.

  • All it took was an application.

    Then an interview.

    Met my mentor.

    Then went on my first trip.


    I was never really a traveller.

    I’ve been as far as LA.

    I was the quiet one.

    I knew no one.


    • Dear Gerardo,

      I really like your memoir piece “2 Trips” because I got to know you a little better from reading your piece. I never knew that you were a quiet kid because to me, you are very outgoing. It seems that these trips really helped you step out of your comfort zone. I really liked that you helped others and that you enjoyed doing it. We need more people like you in this world. Awesome job, and keep on writing about your life experiences.

    • Geraaaaaaa my friend!

      I think this is the most I really her you talking about your trips, and what it meant to you. I love how you open up, and how you have realized how it has changed you into a better person. I’m glad you feel that traveling could be something good for you and that you are ready to get more out of up coming trips. Those days will definitely come! 🙂


    I am Courageous.

    You may not see it.

    In pictures you would say otherwise.

    My stories make you say the opposite.

    Two trips can change a person.

    I was changed.

    I have climbed.

    I have

    • Hi Gerardo, this was a very good poem. I really liked how you describe how your past has made you a stronger person. I hope that you continue to make more poems, and that you continue to describe your past and how it has changed you into the person that you are today.

    • Gerardo, I really enjoyed your poem. I have seen you grown over the years and I’m really proud that you’re building courage. I hope you keep finding things that make you keep growing to a great person. I can relate that trips do change you and I’m glad they changed you for the better. I hope you keep writing and expressing your feelings. 🙂

    • Dear Gerardo, I really like your poem and I liked how you said ” I opened and became someone new”, I thought it was really a strong way of expressing your self how many people may not see or get.

    • Hey Gerardo,
      I just want to say first, that this poem was amazing. I definitely have seen you change and grow into a more outgoing and courageous person over these few years. You continue to do and say as you please without fear, and I’m glad that you are proud to have changed in such a good way. When you say, “Two trips can change a person,” are you referring to two trips you have taken over the past years? If so, would you be courageous enough to share what they were with a friend in need of being courageous herself? 🙂

    • Gerardo,
      This poem is so powerful, and your words have the power to influence and impact so many readers. Your strength and resilience is so evident in the language you use. The line “My stories make you say the opposite,” hold so much importance because everybody does have a story that you might not be able to see based on a first glance, including you. Through this poem, we were able to get a glimpse of your life and your story, I can tell it has really shaped you into the courageous person you are. I loved the way you wrote your story, and I hope to hear more from you.

    • Gerardo,
      You poem was really run to read. I, too, identify with being courageous. Bravery has opened me to new experiences and I think that is what I related to most in you poem. I really like your writers voice and you seemed very optimistic especially when you said, “Heights became my friends. Fear was no longer an enemy. Injuries helped me grow.” Thanks for writing and I can’t wait to hear more from you!

    • Gerardo,
      I’m glad you were able to share this on here. As you can see, you have been getting a overwhelming amount of positive feedback and I agree with all of it. This is wonderfully written and I hope you continue with these. I’ll stay tuned. Here’s some benefits of writing poetry that I think you might like. https://www.writingforward.com/poetry-writing/the-personal-benefits-of-writing-poetry

  • We are blood, we are FAMILY, we sound the same, Yet all three of us are different. My dad and brother both have the same name Medardo except me, my name just sounds like there’s. My mom did this to have a little

    • This is really describing who you are and who you want to be. You are original and being yourself and that’s real!

    • Dear Gerardo,
      I really like how talked about your family but mostly when you explained yourself. One sentence that really stood out to me is “ I am who I want to be and my name has helped me become who I am and continues to represent me “ because you should be able to be who you want to be and that’s a good thing. I also liked how you gave a definition of your name which means independent. This is really cool because most people don’t have meanings to their names. I hope to see more of your writings because this one was really good so hopefully you continue.
      Sincerely, Shania Brown

    • Hi Gerardo my name is Nacia and I really love how you start your post off with a sort of question because it really caught my attention and I really admire that you take such pride in your name and you don’t show in your post that it brings you down a lot. You seem very accepting at the fact that it is your name and that right there shows how strong and unique of person you are. The part that really stood out to me was when you said, “My name to me means independent”. That stood out because it’s to give your own identity meaning and by identity I mean your name. But anyways thank you a lot for allowing me to read your post and I really hope to see more post from you.

    • I love this –> “We are blood, we are FAMILY, we sound the same, Yet all three of us are different.” What an engaging, interesting beginning. It definitely made me want to keep reading. It must be amazing to have your name connected to your dad and brother in this way 🙂

  • Dear Xing,
    I am intrigued about your shadow box because it shows who you really are and how you want people to view you instead of others portraying you. Also it shows a lot about your culture that I feel that should stick with you forever and to not be forgotten about your origins. I really liked how you just let everything go into this box and…[Read more]

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