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  • Christopher:
    This post is great! It’s a topic I wholeheartedly agree with. My school is struggling with the issues you spoke about. To help make your opinion more powerful, I sometimes will remove the word “I” completely, because it’s an opinion piece so your beliefs are implied :).

  • Georgia commented on the post, this is my body

    I really liked the repetition of words like strength and how at the end you described your background and your struggle. I love the lion picture as well. It really encompasses the meaning of the poem. It would have been cool if you split it up into stanzas so the repetition is more defined.

  • This is a super cool topic! I don’t know much about Alaskan history and it was interesting to read about. It would have been cool if you wrote this more like a story with transitions and made it flow a little more, instead of different pieces of information strung together.

  • Georgia commented on the post, Was it worth it?

    This is incredibly well-written. I really enjoyed the description of 9/11. I’ve heard the story a million times but I like how you focused on the aftermath and speaking about what President Bush intended to do after the attack. I would have loved to read more about what we were doing in Afghanistan in detail and maybe a few positive effects of us…Read More

  • This is so cool! I had no idea that people were naming asteroids after astronauts. Using a different title that relates more to naming asteroids would definitely draw more people in!

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