• Dear Jovana,
    I am intrigued by your analysis because you you have descriptively analyzed the poem “There is garden in her face”. I like how you are very detailed in how you talk about the poem and what you went through to create these conclusions.
    One thing you said that stands out for me is: “ Is the poet referring “cherries” just to her red l…[Read more]

  • In the first line of the first stanza, Ackerman talks about the sun and the sun setting. She writes, “In the name of the daybreak”. The “day breaker” must represent the sun as the sun gives us our daylight. Thi

  • Just in my hand,

    Rounded lobes on four cuts,

    Soft on top just like wet sand,

    And ruff on the bottom but still real hollow.

    Theres just one chip, I wonder were it’s gone.

    Maybe no were to be found o

  • Dear Coleman,
    I am interested in your analysis because I am intrigued in the way you have describes what this poem means to you. One thing you said that stands out for me is: “My first impressions of this poem were confusion” I think this is interesting because even as you find the poem confusing you still managed to analyze the poem very wel…[Read more]

  • My first impressions of this poem were that It seems very interesting, but who is it about?  It makes me feel calm, yet, at the same time, heavy. A line that especially evokes the first feeling for me is, “on Ea

    • I really like how in depth you went into even in the smallest lines.For example the line “How should I accept nature”.

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    Dear Wendy:
    I am impressed by your poem, “A Poem of Mexico,” because it is a very beautiful and calming poem. One line that stands out for me is, “She waits for the day and is getting tired She waits for the day and isn’t getting inspired ” I think this line is intriguing because as you end with a rhyme the poem ends at a happy tone making me…[Read more]

  • With the friends I loved who I love no more,I ran around the playground;We played tag till midnightAll across Tecumseh Playground.I ran as fast as I could so the others couldn’t catch meAnd it definitely d

    • Dear George,
      I like your poem a lot because it was very interesting. I liked the part where you say” sometimes I didn’t do my homework” because it was very relate-able.I also like when you said”We Played and Played
      Forgetting what the time But it was pretty late I’m sure it was late enough to witness a crime” because it was funny.

  • A park is a place where I used to go and play with my neighborhood friends. I don’t go there anymore because I’m too old for it. I made a lot of friends but know have lost contact.

    • Love these photos, very creative

    • I think these pictures speak very well to what your community and life can be like and I think they truly are very beautiful.

    • These are wonderful pictures! I think they nicely represent your community and give insight into how you fit into it. Thank you for sharing!

    • Dear George,
      I love your post “In my neighborhood”. Your photos overall are amazing. The angles and lighting really add the pictures. My favorite photo is the 3rd photos. It sets a different perspective than your other ones. I personally feel that your other photos are more close up. This photo however is more distance. It’s like your taking a step and observing.
      I also find it really cool how you have people in your pictures. Based off the photos I can infer that maybe your community is fairly tight, or that its friendly. It looks like everyone is having fun. By having the people the pictures radiate positive feelings.
      Your photos remind me of parks general. It specifically reminds me of the all the times that I went with my friends to the parks and hung out all day with them. It was warm and sunny and there was a clear blue sky like in these photos.
      Thank you for sharing your photos of your neighborhood. I look forward to seeing more of your photos. These were really cool to look at.

    • Dear George,

      I liked how you were able to express this place you love. The photos you took were taken from many different points of view and really can show all of this places features. It was also good how you took the pictures with people in the park to show that you’re not the only person who likes this location.

    • Dear George:

      I like your post because I used to play in that exact same place with my friends when I was younger. I like how you talk about what you specifically liked to do there. I like your photos and how you took them from different angles and at different places.

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    Dear Jillian :
    I am fascinated by your photograph, “A Path,” because of perspectives of each photograph

    One part of your photograph that stands out for me is where you took a picture of the stairs. I think this is interesting because you chose to take a picture from the bottom of the stairs rather from the top and it make it look very hig…[Read more]

  • Something important about me is that I always try to be a leader and not a follower. I try to always set a good example for myself and want to be the best person I can be spreading positive energy out as much

    • Dear George:
      I am interested by your bio, ” who are you?,” because I liked the things you said about yourself. It was nice to find out there are nice people like you that persuades people to be positive.

    • Dear George:

      I am interested by your bio “who are you” because I liked how you pointed out there that you want to be a leader and not just a follower.

      One sentence that stood out for me is “I alway stay organized and finish the things I have to do before hand instead of last minute.” because I think it is better to stay organized and finish your work on time. It was nice to find out that you want things to stay positive.

      Another sentence that surprised me was “My community is filled with friendly people.”. It stood out for me because I think that we need a community that has friendly people, and I think that it is so important.

      Thanks for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because i found out that there are some nice and positive people like you in this community.

  • I am Fascinated by, your bio, “You must stand up for yourself,” because of how well you are able to describe your life, it seems to be very interesting

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “I am Muslim, which I’m most proud of” I think this is very good to say because in today’s world there is a lot of hatred towards Muslims a…[Read more]

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    Dear Oliver:
    I am interested in your poem, “Supercar Supreme,” because I too find cars very intriguing.
    One line that stands out for me is, “Determined to have them all In the future” I think this line is Funny because… We all would love to have a supercar one day and I really Hope one day you will achieve you goal.
    Your poem reminds me of a p…[Read more]

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    Dear Naveen:
    I am interested in your poem, “Why Not?,” because it gives a much more different aspect of the game.
    One line that stands out for me is, “If others why not me?
    ” I think this line is intriguing because… you chose to spend more because well others do, so you should not be held back, so why not.
    Your poem reminds me of a poem that I on…[Read more]

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    “Where I’m From”

    I am from Tide Pods and fabric softeners

    I am from GTA on the PS4

    I am from the ticking of the heaters and the smell of the steaks coming from the fire dept. Behind my build

    • i could relate to the fact that your family has a huge box of photos because my family does the same thing

    • I enjoyed reading this poem, it was very real. My favorite line was the last line, planting seeds for new families. That is very metaphoric and creates a kind visual for readers. This poem is wonderful, keep up the great work!

    • Dear George:
      I like Your poem, “Who am I?” because you told me about your life in a short, but direct way.
      One line that stands out for me is, “In my parents closet hide and huge box of photos of my family” I think this line is relatable in a certain way because my family keeps family pictures in a barrel.
      Another line that stands out for me is, “I am from GTA on the PS4” I think this line is also relatable because I used to play GTA with my cousin and Uncle.
      Your poem reminds me of my own “where I’m from” I talk about having family albums.
      Thanks for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next.

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    Changing everyday,Very scary, andit’s getting destroyed.Weather I’m alive,Or maybe I won’t, It will hurt us. Weshould try and fix this,Flooding or drying,our future will lerk.Full of cash, why wontthey help us

    • I liked how you brought real world problems into your poem. It really made a deeper understanding of the struggles in the situation. You talked about the weather changing and all of the destruction that is happening which can make people think deeper into the poems theme.

      you’re welcome Georgina or Curious George! 🙂

  • I remember playing after school with the neighborhood kids until it was dark or until their parents called them in for dinner.I remember my grandfather fixing my bike tire every time I got a flat.I remember my

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