• Lost in the thoughts
    Oblivious to reality
    Vivacious you are
    Essential to me

    You hang up on my glowing blue walls ‘09 was a hard time Still can’t get over it Mom has your pictures on Facebook so I saved em

  • I thought this was a nice twist, rather than actually writing it out. I found myself smiling because starr and chris’ relationship is playful and can talk about a lot of things.

  • This is my poem based on the novel “The Hate U Give” for McGeehan’s class. Khalil’s spirit is talking to the white community that doesn’t understand a lot that has happened to him, so he (Khalil) is telling the

    • This post was real honest and emotional. I am so proud of this new age for people beginning to speak up about the racism they experience throughout their lives. A lot of people believe that racism doesn’t exist anyone because we’ve passed laws forbid it. But that doesn’t prevent the racism rooted deep inside us and the prejudices we hold whether we realize it or not. We need to face this no matter how difficult or uncomfortable it is. Thank you so much for sharing this powerful piece.

    • This post was the most powerful thing I’ve seen on this website. It is amazing to hear you speak out about these kinds of issues. Racism is as big of a problem as it has ever been, and people need stories like these to shake them out of apathy. The more people who realize that there is still prejudice in our world, then the less prejudice will occur. Even though it is hard for people to face, they need to hear stories like these. Even if the police officer didn’t consider himself racist, he obviously still had some bias, and that is the issue we need to face.
      Thank you for an incredible post,
      Logan Seat

    • Gogisgksoquili,
      I could feel the rage through the screen as I was reading your poem. You did an excellent job of putting yourself in Khalil shoes when you were writing. This poem shoes how racism is a prevalent issue and is overlooked when you don’t have the chance to tell your story. I thought the lines, “HOW WOULD YOU FEEL, if you had to choose between food and lights when both are important?” because it puts everything you talked about in the beginning into perspective. Keep writing and looking forward to hearing from you again.

    • Gogisgksoquili, this was a very powerful poem and I genuinely enjoyed reading it from start to finish. It is disappointing to still see so much racism in our world, and I hope that our generation has the capacity and knowledge to fix this unreasonable issue. The fact that people are dying over the color of their skin in the 21st century baffles me! My favorite part of your poem was every time you said “how would you feel” because you really manage to capture the readers’ attention and make them reflect on themselves if they were in that position. I also loved how you mentioned that it is not your fault that you were born the way you were, and that you should not be punished for it, because that is so very true and a forgotten aspect. I found a website which lists some tips for writing a great poem, and I hope you make it to the absolute best of your ability!

      Poetry Writing: 10 Tips on How to Write a Poem

      Thank you for writing this beautiful poem,
      Mia Kowalczyk

    • I really enjoyed reading this. Police brutality is one of the biggest problems facing America right now, and I really appreciate how you used your creativity to address such an important issue. Like Emma said, it is very frustrating when people refuse to accept that there is so much racism in our world today when there are news articles of Black people getting shot without reason every day. The Black Lives Matter movement is so important to show people that racism is still relevant and that we need to address it. Your poem really moved me, thank you for writing it.

      Looking forwards to your next post 🙂

    • This is very powerful, and incredibley well written. This issue is so important, and I’m glad you brought it up. It has so much emotion, yet it focuses on the issue. The emotion doesn’t overwhelm, and the information doesn’t either. There’s a lot of people who say racism isn’t a problem anymore, but they’re wrong. There is so much gun violence, and problems and a lot of it I see rooted in racism, misunderstandings, assumptions. In my religion class we watched a documentary on police brutality and the reality of racism. I’ll try to find the name for you!

    • This piece is powerful. Every man in the stresses would understand this story. As a women from the “ghetto” i feel this piece in every way. I’ve seen and heard this story a million times. Everyday i witness veriest view of brutality. This piece makes me sad and proud at the same time of how my generation moves as one, we now understand how police look at us but now sadly harm each other. Thank you for writing this piece it opened my eyes to a new interesting topic!

  • I love your poem! I like the repetition in it, too. Also liked the way you were questioning whoever Khalil was talking to.

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