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    I believe that the reason that these stigmas are created is because we don’t know that much about mental illness yet. Modern technology allows us to assess and deal with physical injuries instantaneously, but research and technology for mental illness is for behind.

  • Misinformation is a huge issue in today’s day and age. False information has the ability to tear our society apart as we know it.

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    You mentions some very interesting points about American being a land of opportunity for only a select few. However, there are many examples of people of color and immigrants coming up the ranks and establishing themselves as prominent people in this country. Why do you think this is?

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    Viability of Nuclear Energy

    While there are a lot of pros to the potential of switching to nuclear energy, there are also a lot of logistical nightmares that need to be addressed. According to the article, The Nuclear Option by Upholt Boyce, there...

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    • Gus, I agree with some of your points but disagree with others. When you mention Chernobyl and Fukushima, you mention these as if it was the dangers of nuclear energy that caused that. While nuclear energy surely increased the damages done, Chernobyl was an unauthorized experiment pushing the reactor to its limits, while Fukushima was a mix of under preparation and intense natural disasters. I think that if you look at nuclear power as a future, it offers more safety and sustainability compared to fossil fuels.

    • Hey Gus! I love your perspective. I always appreciate when an author can be objective and approach a topic without preconceived conclusions. I think that more often than not, topics like nuclear energy that so often find themselves under the proverbial microscope are seen through certain lenses; and more often than not, those lenses don’t allow for an objective approach. Nuclear energy is one such issue; and for the reasons you stated. I also like how you view nuclear energy as a stop gap between current fossil fuels and more reliable, cleaner sources of renewable energy once the technology develops in the future. Were you to elaborate further, I would be interested in a plan for the integration of more widely accepted renewables after nuclear is no longer needed.

    • Hey gus, even though that nuclear power is clean energy than others, the disaster of the past has made it look as if I was bad for the environment. people think that sources like solar and natural gas are good but in the long run, it not really good. If you ever heard of Michael Shellenberger, then you will like his ideas.

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    Nuclear energy as a viable alternative

    The more and more that I research the pros and cons of nuclear energy, the more that believe it is the best option for an alternative energy source. According to an article from the office of nuclear energy,...

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