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Breaking the Stigma Around ADD/ADHD

In today’s world we are very quick to judge and label someone as “special needs” just because their brains process information differently. Most times immedietly after diagnosis kids are placed on medication and put in special needs classes. What people don’t realize is that this process of immediate medication and alienation of being put in special needs class, fosters an […]

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Should Mental Health Assessments be a part of Gun ownership?

In a world of mass shootings and gun ownership, the debates have been ongoing for a number of years, but how can we change the rules without violating our constitutional rights. The second amendment of the Constitution states “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear […]

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Will Trump get Impeached?

Within our current political climate, we are at a point where anything can happen. In this day in age, so much is up in the air within the politics of everything. On Saturday, the speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, instructing the beginning of the writing of the impeachment articles. The problem with this is it has yet to be […]

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How Does School Funding Work?

School funding is a massive mix of Federal, local, and state dollars. The most influential of the mentioned is local funding in which is based on property taxes in the surrounding areas. Thus meaning, in certain cases this can lead to great inequality in terms of funding to the schools. For example, many schools have an abundance of funding from […]

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Does the United States prioritize Fossil fuels over everything?

As a country, we have become extremely dependent on Fossil Fuels. Not only are the cheap and convenient but at what cost are they coming from? We rely on fossil fuels for many everyday things, such as cooking or driving and even electricity. The fossil fuels we have become dependent on are created by the decaying soft tissue of creatures […]

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