• gc20114

Manuel, I found your article very intresting to read. I am not a resident of the Bay Area but I felt as though you explained the problem so well that someone who doesn't live there can sympathize with you. ' Gracie

How Wii are all gamers View Comment
  • @gc20114
  • April 9, 2020

Hi Sophie, I loved the time when wii came out, defiantly some of my greatest memories. I loved how you wrote your article in a way that the readers can follow your thought process. Very fun to read!

Dear Carter, I really loved your post about is music good or bad while you study. I agree with you I personally enjoy music while I study because it can block out background noise. I thought the way you presented the information was fantastic, here is an Article that supports...

Hello Sebastian, I thought your adaptation of what the definition of the “American Identity” was interesting. I loved how you gave both the extremes of both sides as well as the moderation. I agree with you, I think the meaning of being an American citizen is different for everyone....

Hi Carter, This was really intresting to read. I didn't know how many types of vegitarians there are.

Our Right to Healthcare View Comment
  • @gc20114
  • December 10, 2019

Hi Luke, I really enjoyed your take on this current problem. I loved the comparison between Canada and America's healthcare system.

Hello Taylor, I particularly enjoyed this article. I had never thought of the long term problems of WWII besides the world relations effects. Here is an article on the effects of WWII had on the workforce. Thank you, Gracie

Does Class Size Matter? View Comment
  • @gc20114
  • November 25, 2019

Hello Riley, This is definitely an interesting take on the class size question, Many colleges are now asking the same questions. I agree a smaller class size is beneficial in an academic regard but I don't agree with the small social life claim. Here is an article about the class...

Hello Eggert, This article was absolutely captivating, definitely something I hadn't thought about in the past and you summed everything up perfectly. I found this article that backs up your claims. Sincerely, Gracie

Mental Health in Schools View Comment
  • @gc20114
  • November 4, 2019

Hello Audrey, This was a very interesting perspective to look at when it comes to the ever pressing issue of Mental health. I was extremely engaging. I found this article ( )where it explains how in Utah they now recognize “Mental Health days” as excused absences meaning they are...

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