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Are AP classes serving their purpose?

The first article is about the demands for change in the Advanced placement (AP) curriculum. The author sets the stage by demonstrating that the AP curriculum has been around for a while and has positively impacted my high achieving high schooler over the years. The author transitions to pointing out the diminished utility of AP classes over the past few […]

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Altering Advanced Placement Classes

Advanced Placement(AP) classes have been instituted for the past 50 years. But over the last few years, the creators of the program have been aiming to reform it and enable students to be exposed to their careers early on. For a while, AP classes have been for those high achieving students needing more challenging courses. “On the surface, high school […]

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The addition of Vocational training to schools.

Most outstanding schools pride themselves on the strength of their curriculum and their structured system of education. But in this article by Redmond Wash, we are given a new perspective on education that allows us to approach the future even more prepared. Wash brings up the addition of vocational training to the current curriculum. He points that despite the fact […]

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Big Factors of Climate Change

In article one, We Produce Too Much Food. The Green New Deal Can Stop This, Eric Holt-Gimenez claims that too much food is being produced and farmers and people in the agricultural field are not paid accordingly. This for overproduction of food worsens climate change because of greenhouse gases and it worsens the economy due to wage fluctuation. Gimenez says […]

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Climate change

Over the past few decades, there has been a noticeable change in Climate change. Although climate change is one of the main environmental issues worldwide, there is not a fix solution or explanation for it. So many factors play into it that it would be impossible to have a set solution. Climate change is not an immediate threat to this […]

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