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    Great experience!
    I like the way you presented this story. It shows that you learned your mistake and were able to make up for that error. This teaches us that mistakes are inevitable because we are not all knowing, but we are sometimes presented with a chance to fix our mistakes.

  • Great post Jonathan!
    I like your approach to the issue and the way you pointed out the specific problems. It is shocking to discover how animals are treated at what is suppose to be their home. I think the link attached below will provide you with additional facts and give you a broader perspective into this…[Read more]

  • The first article is about the demands for change in the Advanced placement (AP) curriculum. The author sets the stage by demonstrating that the AP curriculum has been around for a while and has positively

  • Great writing! You effective conveyed your points to readers through your conciseness and analysis. I think adding a couple of sentences addressing the meaning America had when it was first introduced will tremendously help your writing.

  • Great job Elliot. I like the fact that you were concise with your points and got the issue your writing about across to the reader. I believe that if you add direct quotes and additional evidence to support your claims, your writing will be more reliable. This is article at the bottom might be helpful for your…[Read more]

  • Advanced Placement(AP) classes have been instituted for the past 50 years. But over the last few years, the creators of the program have been aiming to reform it and enable students to be exposed to their careers

    • Hi Gedeon,
      I partly disagree with the idea of adding the career aspect into the high school AP courses. It’s not feasible for most high school students to spend time on careers that they don’t even know if they are interested in or will be study in. Therefore, there will be less and less students going to place themselves into AP courses.

      Honam Cao

  • Great job Mashlin! You clearly demonstrated the goal of your writing by pointing out the impact of the economy on the population and also by showing how the gangs are affecting people’s daily lives. You clearly conveyed the reasons for the population’s migration to the US by repeatedly pointing out gang violence, which clarifies the TPS’s…[Read more]

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    Wonderful poem Khierya! I liked how you demonstrated your connection to the street you grew up on. The small details such as the title of your poem, your word choice (first), and poem length and structure played a crucial role in conveying your point. Pointing out that 41st was the street where you first rode your bike, where you had your first…[Read more]

  • Most outstanding schools pride themselves on the strength of their curriculum and their structured system of education. But in this article by Redmond Wash, we are given a new perspective on education that allows

    • Gedeon, I really like the way you put this post together it is very well organized and gives a detailed explanation to a uncommon idea. If I could recommend something, it would be to include your opinion and why. With that said, you did a very great job!

    • I agree with everything you have said, Gideon. I believe vocational training is essential in increasing the quality of life for blue-collar workers.

  • Great poem! I liked your use of repetition. It brought consistency and focus to the poem. You allowed the reader to relate to your ideas and appeals especially with the use of “sorry” and ” I refuse”. It demonstrates your care for our plane and your current stance. You also included specific problems in your poem, which the reader could…[Read more]

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    I like your argument and the things you pointed out at the beginning of your writing. It is crucial to let others know about the message that is being conveyed by the poster and protest as a whole. But towards the end you mentioned the Freedom of speech, Vote, and Education which are all in place already in our society.

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    Great writing Kaya! I think you made some great points about sleep deprivation and its effects on teens. Sleep is crucial for everyone especially those in schools because sleep is key to their success. Whether we are talking about the academic or emotional aspect of it in their education. I believe that adding a few steps for those who have sleep…[Read more]

  • I like that you clearly stated that it’s your opinion. But I think you should have specific examples demonstrating what you mean by “America has the diversity that leads to the freedom to not just do whatever but to do whatever with whoever.” This will allow the reader to relate and understand the point you are trying to convey to the readers.

  • In article one, We Produce Too Much Food. The Green New Deal Can Stop This, Eric Holt-Gimenez claims that too much food is being produced and farmers and people in the agricultural field are not paid accordingly.

    • Hi, Gedeon. I am really interested in climate change these days and lots of things, especially greenhouse gases, cause serious climate change. Greenhouse effect is the main cause of climate change and this link would serve short summary of the facts about greenhouse effect: https://interestingengineering.com/4-important-facts-about-climate-change-everyone-must-know

    • Dear Gedeon this article closely relates to the article I wrote. In my article I focused more on the greenhouse gases coming from cars and factory pollution. I found an article with a graph that shows how Co2 is the highest levels ever recorded. Thanks for your post it was very interesting.

    • Gedeon,

      I think your analysis on the effects of overproduced products on the climate is very fascinating! I didn’t even realize that, from what I picked up from your article, restricting agriculture production could be a way to lower carbon emissions. I noticed that you mentioned that Gimenez’s solution is better than Cook’s because having consumers adapt to a life without meat is more difficult, but I gave it some thought and would actually argue that by Cook’s solution is better because Gimenez’s solution of restricting agriculture could be applied as a domino effect.
      The way I see it, applying meat reduction programs (such as Meatless Mondays or switching to Beyond Meat) to schools and businesses is a cheap and more socially acceptable way to lower the consumption of meat. Yes, I agree it’s hard for consumers to adapt to a meatless lifestyle, but this method is a lot simpler and financially capable rather than forcing an entire industry to lower their production. If the demand for meat lowered, then a whole chain of events would start: Meat industries would need to compensate this lower demand by decreasing their production of livestock, and this lowered number of livestock would mean that the demand for crops used to feed them would dropped, and this drop of crop demand would mean the agriculture industry would need to reduce their production of crops. This chain of cause and effect has Cook’s solution eventually leading to Gimenez’s, which is why I prefer Cook’s method.
      I’m super curious to your thoughts about my breakdown though! I’m aware that Gimenez’s solution can be a lot more efficient than Cook’s, and that the chain can happen the other way around, but my concern is the cost and reaction of the consumers. I fear that if the chain were to happen the other way and consumers sudden lose their easy access to meat, there may be some angry people. Let me know what you think!

  • I understand your approach to this issue and can definitely relate. Opiods are not so hard to acquire in certain states and therefore a prominent danger for some.

    I believe this source will provide you more context to the current reinforcement process on…[Read more]

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    I agree with your thoughts on this issue. The FDA attempted to set restrictions on flavors in the past, but has not been successful. Although they were not successful in doing so in the past , they are still pursuing their goal.


  • Over the past few decades, there has been a noticeable change in Climate change. Although climate change is one of the main environmental issues worldwide, there is not a fix solution or explanation for it. So

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