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    Gavin commented on the post, AI: Friend or Foe?

    I found it interesting that the AI greatly shortened the paragraph you inputted however I feel like it was missing some of the details on the second paragraph. I agree with your point about how they “assist” with work because while it helps in some aspects it also ruins other aspects

  • I notice the similarity between the two paragraphs which shows that you have a solid point set into stone, however in some of the ways you mentioned it seemed to expand your creativity because as you said it takes your thoughts and writes them into a full essay which you can use to gather new ideas you didn’t think about. In the end I see the idea…Read More

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    Gavin commented on the post, youth voices and AI

    I think you did a good job with the featured Image within the text however I do feel like you were a bit repetitive at some points like talking about how AI has benefitted you as a student and writer. In the end it was a good paragraph and at times was a bit relatable

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    Long comments

    Introduction I think that the Ai did a decent job at portraying my thoughts within an essay format. There were some things I didn't think of however for some of them it took comments and made them into different themes...

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  • I like the title that you used and the images you used within the article. The information within the article also gave me a new perspective

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