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  • Hi Ashley! I really love your bio and how much detail you put into your story. I think it’s great that you enjoy communication, that’ll get you very far in life. Everything we do revolves around the ability to communicate, and you seem to do that very well. I speak spanish with my family too. I’m Mexican and Puerto Rican, and most of my family…[Read more]

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    My name is Annie Garcia and I was born in Lansing, Michigan in the year of 2002. I’m a second-generation American, with the majority of my family having immigrated from Jalisco, Mexico. I was raised in a h

  • How many children will die in school shootings? Depends on if we try to stop them. How many teens will commit suicide? Depends on if we try to understand. How many kids will go to college? Depends on if we try

    • This reminds me of media diversions of the publics’ attention. I think the reason so many of these issues get looked over by everyday people is that modern-day media is always bringing up something else such as memes, or something some political leader said that may make you upset depending on which political side you lean towards. Although these issues are near and dear to many people, diversions can happen at any moment which may distract them from the true issues we are facing today, which gives political leaders an excuse to ignore them.

    • I really like what you wrote about the blindness that is causing so many important problems to be overlooked in our society. So many people blame climate change or violence to specific people or things when really its all of us not standing up to the problem and making a change together not singling one person or thing out. This is a very powerful statement and I love the wording you used in creating this.

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