• Oh how crazy she was,

    Just as risky as others

    Lookin for a better view


    She was only 16,

    Maletas packed ready to not look back,

    She left without saying bye to her queen.


    She didn’t mean to hurt my mam

    • What a beautiful tribute to your mother and her courage! I hope that you share this piece with her!

      I love that you use poetry for your activism. It’s so strong! 🙂

      Ms. O

  • Dear Vesna,
    This piece was very visual. As I continued to read I felt this story come alive, I was able to see the colors and tragedy you experienced. This piece was really dope, hope to see more of your work in the future. Never stop writing loser. You have the mic, don’t let it fade away.

  • Cristina commented on the post, Costa Rica 2 years, 4 months ago

    Dear Drea,
    Your comic was well organized and hella colorful! I’m happy and proud of you because you overcame your fear and ended up having a dope opportunity. I love how you got the chance to kick it with kids, I know you love working with them and can’t wait to see you working with kids in the future. I hope through this comic you see that doing…[Read more]

  • Dear Arely,
    I like how you showed us the emotions/feelings you had before and after your niece was born. It helped me a lot in being able to identify how you were feeling about a new baby who is now part of your life. This was a beautiful comic, thank you.

  • You see your love was like a game

    I was so eager to play,

    Man I’m so stupid for letting my emotions reach the brain


    Now I did get warnings on how rough it would be,

    But my eyes were set on winning


    • So deep and inspiring

    • Dear Gabby,
      Girl your poem is SOOO good!!! I felt what you wrote, you described everything really nice. Your ending really ended with a “bam!”, it was powerful. I feel like your writing piece was really strong and powerful. I hope you keep writing about your feelings and letting it all out. I’m here for you, if you ever need anything. Love ya!

    • Dear Gabby,
      this is sooo good! you write with so much style, I can almost hear this coming from your own voice. The story itself is also very strong. I know you wrote with a lot of emotions and I’m glad you spoke your true feelings. I can relate to your story in a vague view point because I know we are both way more complicated in reality. Anyhow thank you for your writing. I hope you continue your poetry!

    • Dear Cristina,
      I can feel the emotions you released into this poem. I can picture Tupac or logic reading this and they would be impressed! I sure hell am! I love you unconditionally !! Man this was one hell of a poem and hope you keep writing more.

    • Gabby,
      your poem really touched me, just like how logics lyrics touch me, it’s DEEP…it shows that you should never quit on yourself and to keep moving on no matter what anyone says to you, to always show your emotions and never hide them just let it out. #speakyourvoice #RATTPACK

    • Hey cristina,
      I love the pieces you continue to create with that beautiful poetic mind of yours. You can truly feel the emotions coming from you, and see what you are going through as a young person. here you write about a struggle, with your father, and end with how you have grown into a new person. I hope that you find someone who can show you more love, and to appreciate more things in life. Hate is so strong of an emotion to have, there needs to be some other to balance it out, and give you more. You truly deserve whatever good comes to you. I like that you have become someone new, and i hope you continue to find the person you were meant to be.

    • Dear Gaby,
      I love your piece. It’s very deep and I can tell that you z your mind and what you felt. I´m glad that we have this opportunity in school to create beautiful things so that we can express what we feel. No matter what you went through or go through with your dad, you seem to keep going. I love when you talked about your brothers basically raising you up and who helped you get up when you could not walk… I love that. I can tell the love that you have for them two. Thank you for sharing this, I imagine that it must´ve been hard for you.

  • Salvador,
    This piece was well written. My favorite line was “I’m sorry mom, I am just like you.” because it really had me thinking on the idea that “we are nothing like our parents”, but that is false. We share hella things in common with our parents, but we only see it when something different happens. Thank you for writing a piece that gave…[Read more]

  • Dear Lisseth,
    I enjoy this comic because it shows the exact emotions you had when you saw your nephew for the first time. It was real and I appreciate you for sharing this moment with us. By the way, You draw good!, Hope to see you continue drawing in the future!

  • Cristina commented on the post, My Family 2 years, 5 months ago

    Dear Lilian,
    You’re an amazing poet. Your piece was strong and it flowed really good. I’m hella excited to see what you’ll write about next. Thank you for showing a side that isn’t always seen.

  • Dear Lis,
    The love that you have for your nephews and nieces is so beautiful. They are your motivation to continue with struggles that come up. I’m hella happy that you are the strong mujer I know, and that will be graduating with me! Thank you for writing a piece that really stood out. Hella xingona!

  • Juan,
    For someone who doesn’t talk much in class, you have a lot to say. Thank you for letting us know a little part of your life and decisions you have made. I also appreciate that you shared “When I’m around my friends I act like I don’t care about the things we do but in reality my real identity is that I do care about the things that I do.…[Read more]

  • Nina love,
    Thank you. Thank you for being able to express yourself through writing. This poem was filled with emotions that every person has experienced at least once. You showed how hard it is to be a high school student and have to deal with family problems. Also, sharing different perspectives on attitudes and identity. You are strong and…[Read more]

  • Dear Arely,
    This was well thought of and written. You expressed yourself with many examples and I’m hella juiced you have continued to write. As I was reading, It felt real because I too am the only girl sibling in my household. Thank you for speaking up on an emotion that many girl siblings feel. Super juiced to see what you have next to post!

  • Vicente,
    I like how in only a one page comic, we got to see a side of you that expanded and got to see more of the relationship with you and your brother. I hope you get to expand this art piece because it truly shows that you have talent.

    • I love this a lot. It’s powerful, emotional, and very well worded. I like how you laid everything out, and I am especially interested in the topic. It’s so important, and whenever it gets big in the news eventually dies out and goes back to background noise, something like the president’s twitter feed replacing it or a recent celebrity scandal. This needs to be a constant conversation, and put at the forefront.

    • Dear Gaby,
      I love your comic! It is so powerful and really well put. I really love how you included the flowers as like a metaphor. You did a really good job trying to tell a story with this comic. I like all of your panels so it is hard for me to just choose one. You should keep drawing and writing because you are amazing at it.







    Mujer, who am I?

    I’m so confused and I don’t want to disrespect you

    Trust me I’ll love you and never neglect you.



    Why are people still getting kil

    • Gaby – Short, powerful piece. But, it leaves me wondering, “Who is the audience of this piece? Who is the ‘you'”? Thank you for sharing… And, I hope that whomever you are writing to (whether an actual person or a figurative group of people) gets to read this your inspiring words.

  • Dear Angus,
    Logic better ask you to be in his new songs. I love how in your pom you question thyself and one another. Your poem had meaning, one that we can all relate to. Thank you for making us think about the hate and love that we see everyday and make us question why it happens. This poem was beautiful to read!

  • Dear Vesnito,
    I appreciate the fuck out of this poem. You spoke your mind and really felt engaging to read. I’m happy you chose “dumb” because as a reader I thought you were going to speak about “being dumb” but you switched it around and mentioned you’re actions being dumb instead. You are a great fucking writer and I know I shouldn’t be cussing…[Read more]

  • Homegirl Arely, Thank you for sharing about a topic that is hard to talk about. This shows how strong you are, and how brave you are as well. I’m hella proud of you and I love you!

  • Dear Nina,
    I appreciate that you wrote this poem. This poem shows who you are and it feels real. You acknowledged that there is both happiness and sadness and you but it has only made you recognize the good. Continue to write love, you have thy voice!

  • I loved this poem, mostly because you expressed yourself in a way that you rarely do. You spoke to the audience and challenged me to think about the word “funny”. keep writing, this piece was nice!

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