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    Human Trafficking

    Human trafficking can happen to anyone it is a serious matter that really takes a toll on the victim. Mental health really is a huge problem that can really lead to bigger problems, like doing drugs and being a...

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    • I liked this topic on human trafficking because it happens everyday around the world and you may not know it. No one really understands why someone would do this to someone else because it is dangerous and threatening. Watching your surrounding and not letting certain know your location. Keep things private because it can happen to you or someone you know. Human trafficking is really at a stage where, the drugs, alcohol, or some sort of mental state that gets someone to do it and or they want revenge on someone. It is a serious topic because once they take you, no one knows where you are or what they will do to you for their own sanctification. Only 2 percent of human trafficker victims are rescued. Can you only image the ones who are never found and what life may be for them?


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Human Trafficking

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