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    What is media good for?

    During World War II, people idolized FDR and his fireside chats with radio as a primary source of information. A few decades later, there was the first televised presidential debate between JFK and Richard Nixon. In the past few...

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    • Dear Writer:
      I  agree with your post of “What is media good for” because I have seen how many people in school and even people at home have changed with their emotions or the way of how they react towards certain situations. Even I myself have changed with the way I react towards a certain event that comes up in the media. I totally agree with you when you say that the media now has a huge impact on us and our emotions.Thank you for writing . I look forward to seeing what you write next about how the media has impacted society. I also look forward to your response on how people view your post , or how your post has impacted a few people.
      Jocelyn Martinez

  • I am very impressed about, your post ,”Should the Covid-19 Vaccines Be Mandatory?
    ” because the government creating the covid vaccine is cool. I find it weird that people will not take the covid vaccine for the benefit of society.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “ if a sufficient amount of people take the vaccine, it can not o…Read More

  • I am impressed by your post, “Modern Day Christian Persecution” because it is impressive how you presented this web journal post with a solid sentence to urge the reader’s attention. I concur along with your point that numerous individuals are ignorant of the mistreatment that’s taking put towards Christians around the world. the sentence tha…Read More

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