• For my research I found a article that stated what is Domestic violence, what leads to it, and why do women stay. Click here to see the link to my annotations. The article was called “Addressing Domestic Violence

  • During my recordings I feel good because I took my time reading to make it seem very interesting. I’m very comfortable with adjusting my voice tone because it really isn’t hard me to do so. I read from “Life

  • The type of questions I asked myself during the process of creating my adaptation were based on my creative ability. Whether or not I can portray how Othello killed his beloved wife. 

    I designed my walls

  • Our class chose to study the play of “Othello.” I chose to be Othello in Act 1, scene 3 lines 140-150.

    I learned that the tone and volume was calm and relaxed because of Othello’s character and how he is

  • This represents my best writing on Shakespeare’s difficult language.

    Quote:  “Haply, for I am black…/ She’s gone. I am abused, and my relief/ Must be to loathe her. O curse of marriage” (Act 3, Scene iii Lines

  • Some reasons why Shakespeare is studied in school today is because it can help students understand and experience the past and different time periods. Shakespeare tells stories about love tragedies, betrayal, and

  • My name is Gary Tuione. I am a senior attending Fremont High School in Oakland. My Graduate Capstone research project is about domestic violence against women, and I am specifically looking at how men form their

  • Dear Youth Voices Community,

    My name is Gary Tuione and my topic is “Domestic Violence Against Women.” I feel real confident about my research because I have excellent sources and a whole bunch of information fro

  • Dear Youth Voices Community,

    My name is Gary Tuione.

    The social inequity problem I am looking into is “Domestic Violence Against Women.” The demographic group I am most focused on for this inequity is women bei

    • Gary,
      I was quite inspired by this post. I agree that domestic violence against women is at an all time high right now. I find it intriguing that with all the rape cases that are on the news that there isn’t much being done about the issue. I think we need to find a solution to end domestic violence against women and men for that matter. Domestic violence isn’t right either way. This was a great post.

    • Gary, I enjoyed reading this post and felt at ease while reading it. It feels good to know someone is looking into the inequity of domestic violence towards women. Being a young woman myself, I have personally never been treated in such a way, but that doesn’t mean it is not going on. I think I big place it happens is in the workforce, men look down on women and can be very cruel. Something does need to be said about the topic.

    • I think this definitely a good beginning of an article, and I think it has a lot of potential, but I think one thing you might want to include is the kind of disadvantages the women face and why this problem can’t be solved by them alone. I think that would bring some more clarity to your argument.

    • Gary,
      I am so happy about your choice of article. This is huge issue that must be addressed. I found a few links that may be helpful. Great job!




    • Gary,
      I agree with your statement that many female individuals are abused both mentally and physically. Its impossible to disagree, as there is a plethora of data to support this. However, it is premature and often incorrect to accuse one party or group as the intelligent offender. The social situation with men in woman is complex and not simple. Men and women engage in the game of reproduction, child rearing, and companionship. Because of this situation relationships between men and women are in no way simple. Often times women hurt men emotionally. It is important we alienate ourselves from the scapegoat ideology and work to bring equality amongst diverse individuals, not equality between two major groups.

    • Dear Gary, I am interested in your post because many women are being abused and are not able to speak up about it. In my opinion, women who get abused physically and verbally should speak up. Not only women, but men also are being abused, but nobody really cares about men being abused which is very upsetting. It should be equal, both men and women should not go through any abuse. One thing you said that stands out for me is “I believe no women should be mistreated in any way for any reason whatsoever.” No men should also be mistreated, there have been cases where women have abused men. I feel as if both men and women shouldn’t have to go through any abuse or pain from anyone. I wish people whom are being abused speak up and put an end to it, it’s not right and it messes with the person being abused. Not only does it mess up the person being abused but the abuser. Without speaking up, the abuser will think it’s okay to abuse. I think this topic should be talk more.

    • Gary I like the fact that you are trying to find a solution and you are putting this on the internet for everybody to see and think more about.

    • Dear Gary,

      I am very satisfied with your post because I also believe women should take a stand against domestic violence. Also, that no women should be mistreated. One thing that stands out for me is “Women are being abused by men mentally, verbally and physically. “I think this is sad because women should be treated with nothing but respect. Thanks for your project. I look forward to seeing what you write next because your posts seem very
      interesting .

    • I really like what you stand for and have going here. This link http://nomore.org supports the movement to stand up against domestic violence. I believe there is a petition you can sign to further spread awareness of this growing issue.

    • Dear Gary,
      I agree that domestic violence against women is terrible. Nobody should even have the thought of abuse anyone, especially women. Just like you said “…because I hate the fact that women are being abused and can’t stop it on their own because of men having more advantages than women.” This means that men think/assume that they have control over their wives/girlfriends only because women are weaker than men. But then again there could be some violent women in the relationship. That’s all I have to say thanks for your post.:))

    • I completely agree with your topic and believe we need to find a solution to this terrible problem. I think what might make this piece better is including some of the challenges women face and what women go through. Other than that nice job!

    • I feel that violence in domestic relationships is an extremely important issue, it holds special importance in my heart because my Mother and Nana both were in abusive marriages. I think that one of the most important ways to stop abusive relationships is to help women with opportunities so they are not trapped. The reason my Mother stayed with my father, as well as my Nana with her relationship, was that they both had children and had no easy way to pay for college to create a better situation for themselves. It was not until they had an education and access to good jobs, that they left the relationship.

    • Gary, I’m glad that you brought out this problem for discussion. I think we should focus on issues like this who, we don’t usually hear of a case, but there’s thousands of women that have to deal with it. I found a web page that might help you: http://16days.thepixelproject.net/16-ways-to-stop-domestic-violence-in-your-community/
      This web page talks about prevention as a community and ways to solve this issue.

    • Gary, I am so glad you choose to focus on this issue. It is unexpected since you are a man but i am glad you did. men do have more advantages than women but that is because that is how our world is ordered not because of how we are born. domestic abuse is an difficult issue to handle and is incredibly delicate. I think solutions are in prevention of abuse. if we can prevent the abuse in the first place than we will not face the difficult challenge of removing a women from the situation. I would love for you to do some research on that is already being done and how others can help, thank you.

    • Ellie replied 2 years ago

      Thank you for taking on this topic. It truly is such a big problem in todays world, and it needs to be stopped. It is so disturbing and simply wrong in every way, shape, and form. I am very glad that someone so young, and a male too, is interested in curing this topic. It makes me extremely optimistic about the future.
      Keep looking! Thank you for researching this topic.

    • Gary,
      Interesting topic choice and unfortunately very relevant to today’s society. In order to strengthen your argument, I would suggest giving a little information on why you chose domestic violence against women. Both domestic violence against men and women exists and can be very damaging, but to support why society needs to focus on the women in these situations I would suggest giving statistics on domestic violence perpetrated against men versus that against women. For example NCADV https://ncadv.org/learn-more/statistics has some statistics that you may find helpful in showing that differences of dangers that the two gender may face in society. Good luck in your project and thanks for looking into this seeing as it is a problem affecting a large number of people!

    • Gary, I enjoyed reading your post and felt the need to take time and give some of my knowledge.
      Domestic violence is a terrible thing that could ever happen to someone, especially because it always comes from the ones we love. We often argue about this issues so consciously but still yet many women are been beaten to death, deprive from their human rights and can’t speak out for themselves. Women are the one likely to be abused due to their “powerless” body, muscles or whatever “they” call us.
      i would love to hear more about this issue that hold my heart deeply, knowing that as we talk someone is been abused.

  • Gary commented on the post, My Favorite Word 3 years ago

    Dear Ryan,

    I am touched with your post “My Favorite Word,” because I started reading it and your favorite word is family and to me family is the main reason we are all still here and surviving. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “I don’t know where i would be without my family…” This stood out to me because without them we won’t…[Read more]

  • Dear Nuong,

    I am glad about your post “Police Brutality And College Cost” because negative actions of policemen has been happening for a really long time. Same as for the college cost many people nowadays have great knowledge/education but not enough money to take the next step after high school. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is…[Read more]

  • Gary commented on the post, Reaching for your Dreams 3 years ago

    Dear Katie,

    I am very happy about your post “Reaching For Your Dreams” because i feel the same way you do about having the right mindset in order to achieve your goals faster. I also agree about those who have a negative mindset will take much longer than those with a positive one. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “My attitude has…[Read more]

  • Dear Jaymee,

    I am happy with your post “Truancy,” because I feel the same way about how students miss school and don’t come because of what their going through (personal) outside of school. I also disagree about the police escorting kids to school which isn’t fair because some kids are either scared or not in the learning mood. One sentence that…[Read more]

  • I feel good about this article because it gives me a great definition of Domestic Violence against women. I also feel great about this article because it provides examples and more information about Domestic

    • Dear Gary,
      I really enjoy the topic you chose to discuss and you’re reasoning for how this is a problem and why we need to solve it. I would like to hear more about this topic and how you choose to solve it with the help of others and how we can stop what goes on.

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