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    Dear Future President,

    I am touching base with you concerning my opinion on gun control. There is multiple of issues that are related to gun control that needs to be addressed and worked on. Before I begin, let

    Why Gun Control Matters

    Dear Future President, I am touching base with you concerning my opinion on gun control. There is multiple of issues that are related to gun control that needs to be addressed and worked on. Before I begin, let me formally...

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    • I do agree that we need more control and more of a handle on gun control, but comparing abortion and gun control has no correlation. A gun is something that as an American citizen you can buy and NOT BE QUESTIONED ON WHY YOU ARE BUYING A GUN! It’s a right! Same as it is a right that if one wants an abortion you can get an abortion.

    • Hi Freya,
      I like the idea behind your thoughts, I totally agree there should be more gun control. I think they should do more intensive background checks, a psych test, and some sort of proof that they are a model citizen. I think you should also keep in mind that the US and Germany have very very different populations, both in size and cultural make-up, so it is not really relevant to compare their statistics. I am curious as to why you compared abortions and gun control. You say it is much harder, but at the same time, do women have to answer any of the questions you stated? What makes it difficult for them? Besides the cost of course, but that is most definitely present for guns also. Also, where I am from at least, there is a fairly long waiting period on the sale of a gun. If you decide to buy a gun, you can go and pay for it, but you have to wait around 8 weeks to actually take ownership of it. I don’t think these can fairly be compared. Just take statistics with a grain of salt in the future:) I enjoyed your piece and hope to read more!

    • You wanna talk stats? Let’s talk stats… First of all, I promise you that no real firearm is worth $5. Toy guns maybe, but not real ones.. Secondly, this isn’t Minority Report. We can’t see into the future and see a person committing a crime before it happens. How would you “strengthen” background checks? If you have no criminal record and no history of mental illness, how would you be able to tell if someone is gonna commit a crime with said gun? Also, saying that buying a gun is easier than getting an abortion is completely unsubstantiated.Abortions cost a lot, yes. But you don’t need to go through criminal screening to get a abortion. You don’t need a license. Thirdly, you used very nice wordplay here. You said “deaths”. That involves all forms of firearm deaths. Suicides included. Roughly 33,000 people die every year from firearms in the US. Now, on the surface, that isn’t a very pleasant number. However, 2/3 of that number are suicides. Around 3-5,000 deaths are from Chicago alone. So, that leaves around 6-8,000 gun homicides. Now, according to the CDC, a firearm is used to save anywhere between 500,000-3 million lives a year in the US. Now, I’m not mathematician, but those defensive numbers seem way higher. Now, banning “AR”, I’m assuming you mean “Assault Rifle”. That is a completely made-up term. “AR” stands for Armalite Rifle. The company that makes the rifle. Statistically speaking, you are 4 times more likely to be stabbed to death than being killed with a rifle or shotgun according to FBI crime statistics. These are facts you cannot dispute. The fact of the matter is that gun control will do no good. It’ll only do harm. Australia suffered from it. The UK is suffering from it. Chicago is suffering from it. 98% of all shootings since 1950 have happened in gun-free zones according to FBI statistics. Further regulating firearms will just put law-abiding citizens in danger. Making more gun laws will not help people, arming citizens will according to all statistics.

    • It is a very interesting debate. Both sides are heated, but at the end of the day there is no argument against protecting human lives. I think that your article brings up many valid points. Our country needs stronger gun control laws to protect the lives of our citizens.


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Why Gun Control Matters

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