• The American Creed states the “principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes.” (American Creed) This means our military fights for our rig

    • I wrote a really great comment, and unfortunately Youth Voice is an awful website that still has bugs and it failed to post and now I’m unable to get back my comment. So here’s a new comment that may not be as detailed, but will get my point across.

      I really enjoyed this article and the amount of detail and care you do for these African-American students you do in your big city school. I think you have the right motive to educate these minority students in all their classes they see in a positive light. But I also think its not only about educating these groups in their favorable way, but the United States is one of the few successful countries in the world that has citizens with all types of backgrounds which is extremely important. Because these citizens bring culture to our country. And it is important to acknowledge and support these people. But I believe it’s not only about accepting these cultures and minority groups it’s important to make them feel involved in their country. It’s important to know these students belong and have a place in the world instead of feeling left out. Here’s an article I believe you would enjoy. It talks about the growing minority groups in the United States and how more students feel more welcome and involved in their schools.


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