• Desdemona
    My noble father,
    I do perceive here a divided duty:
    To you I am bound for life and education;
    My life and education both do learn me
    How to respect you; you are the lord of duty;
    I am

  • I very much like that you looked at this. I’ve never thought of this before. I know words all have history, but I never thought to think about how it impacted the words themselves. I agree understanding should not be sacrificed. Just because you know the translation of a word does not mean you know anything about it.

  • It is amazing to read the story of someone who has crossed the border. Last year in photography we watched a documentary that followed kids trying to cross, but hearing it from someone’s own words helps you see so much more. We’re all human. We all deserve equal treatment. I’m glad your grandpa ended up being okay. This country needs to take steps…[Read more]

  • I’ve been reading articles on alcohol advertising at sports events, or during television broadcasts of sports events. They all have interesting things to say on how it impacts the viewers. “Of particular con

    • Whitlee, your post about the correlation between sports and alcohol is very thought provoking. I had never really thought about how big of an impact these commercials can have. Since sports attract all kinds of audiences (young and old), I think it would be appropriate for broadcasters to refrain from airing a lot of alcohol-promoting advertisements.

  • I love that you’re researching Marilyn. She is one of my favorite women in history. I especially liked that you brought up her makeup. Not many people know how much she influenced makeup looks, which is such a shame. I also love that you brought up how free she was, and how proud she was of her body. She was not ashamed of it, and she was in good…[Read more]

  • Whitlee commented on the post, Corruption 2 years, 4 months ago

    I love this a lot. It’s powerful, emotional, and very well worded. I like how you laid everything out, and I am especially interested in the topic. It’s so important, and whenever it gets big in the news eventually dies out and goes back to background noise, something like the president’s twitter feed replacing it or a recent celebrity scandal.…[Read more]

  • Throughout media you see advertisements everywhere: games, food, travel, shows, and alcohol. I’ve noticed alcohol commercials are prevalent throughout media. There’s so many of them. Recently, in alcohol ads, I’v

  • I love this poem a lot. It is a bit choppy, but nothing a bit of looking over wouldn’t fix. It is very descriptive, and wonderfully written. It has a good definition, and carries through without taking focus from the point. I enjoyed it and hope to see more sometime.

  • I like that you mentioned unrealistic goals. Goals in conservation can be so hard to follow, or even think of. Things can be so unpredictable, and ever changing. I also like that you brought up the big part of funding. Funding is an unsteady area. I’d love to see more on Conservation!

  • Throughout media you see advertisements everywhere: games, food, travel, shows, and alcohol. I’ve noticed alchohol commercials are prevelant throughout media. There’s so many of them. Recently, in alcohol ads, I’v

  • This is very powerful, and incredibley well written. This issue is so important, and I’m glad you brought it up. It has so much emotion, yet it focuses on the issue. The emotion doesn’t overwhelm, and the information doesn’t either. There’s a lot of people who say racism isn’t a problem anymore, but they’re wrong. There is so much gun violence,…[Read more]

  • I believe this is a very important topic. We learned about this a bit in my highschool’s economic class, and over the summer we were told to read the book “Aftershock” by Robert Reich. I’d highly recommend on reading that, it having some good info on this in some chapters. I also agree with listening to more non traditional viewpoints. I’d rather…[Read more]

  • This is a very important topic right now, especially with all the current gun violence. I’ve noticed a lot of it goes unnoticed, while others are broadcasted on a large scale. I like that you opened the conversation. When it comes to gun violence being talked about things go crazy. All the personal stories are drowned out by big headlines and…[Read more]

  • Actually my research is in a good direction since it’s in one of the bigge s arguments against transgenders. I, however, run an instagram that has several posts that support transgender troops that has everything you brought up. 🙂

  • A topic that has always interested me is the LGBTQA+ community and all the issues they go through, and affiliated with. I’m a member of the LGBTQA+ and a lot of my friends are. I’ve witnessed some of it’s

    • Whitlee,
      Thank you for talking about this topic, I have so many friends that are transgender and go through so much pain and suffering, several of them have tried to suicide or hurt themselves severely in the past. A lot of them have come out to their parents and some haven’t but all of them were so worried about their parents reactions which have caused them severe anxiety. I 100% agree with the Generals statement saying if they are of sound mind and body, why shouldn’t they serve? I hope in the future that the LGBTQA+ community won’t have to deal with issues like these.

    • Whitlee,
      I am very glad you decided to talk about this subject. I would say your writing was more about tow separate topics, transgenders in the army and transgender suicide. I understand these are both very serious subjects and agree that trans and all LGBTQA+ should be allowed to be in the military or any position allowed to the general public. I think including the Generals statement was a great addition showing why there is not reason they are any less eligible than anyone else.

    • Dear Whitelee,
      I am glad you chose to write about this topic “The military and transgenders,” because I’m just now finding out about transgenders not being able to join the military by reading your post. I hate that transgenders have to go through so much cruelty.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Trump doesn’t want them in the military” I think this is crazy because our own president is not allowing them to be who they want to be. I believe that everyone should be treated equally.
      Another sentence that I paid attention to was: “Those whose parents reject their gender identity are 13 times more likely to commit suicide than those who support.” This stood out for me because the parents is supposed to be their biggest support. Trans should not have to go through this because they did not asked to be born that way. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because your topic was very interesting and encourages me to share this with others that don’t know about this important news.

    • After reading your post I totally agree that transgender people should be in the military. You did mention the suicide rates for transgender people and that it isn’t okay for the military to stereotype transgender people but your research seems to be a little bit in the wrong direction. In my opinion, I think that transgender people should be given the same rights as anyone else and that includes the ability to serve in the military. First of all, there are already a large percentage of transgender people currently serving in the military. A 2014 study shows that “15,500 trans people were currently serving in the U.S. military.” (1) This many people who are currently serving is huge! Letting people in the military would hurt the numbers in the military, making it very hard for people to get in the military. In fact UCLA researchers found that a “ staggering 21% of all transgender U.S. adults (or 150,000 transgender people) have served in the military.” (2) This evidence shows that not only 15,000 people are in the military but 150,000 people have served over the years!
      Another reason for why transgender people should be in the military is because that many transgender troops depend on the healthcare that the military gives them to get a gender transition surgery. First reported by NBC News, the infantry soldier, who identifies as a woman, was to undergo the surgery on Tuesday. “It would be the first operation of its kind to be approved under a waiver that allows the Pentagon to pay for the procedure.” (3) This means that many of the people in the army who don’t have the money to go under the needle for male to female or female to male surgery will still have the chance to be their true self. Bringing us to the interview of my transgender uncle. I asked him how much his top side surgery costed, he replied with “400 dollars” I asked him what would the surgery have costed without insurance he said “Around 20,000” I asked him one last question and that’s, “How would your life be if you couldn’t have this surgery?” He replied with, “Much harder, I’d be in constant pain from the binders, and I’d feel a lot less confident. Having a surgery that expensive can be hard but when you don’t have insurance it could hurt any military person who has the benefit of the insurance.”
      Moving on to the last reason is that being transgender doesn’t break any of the rules or regulations to joining the military. When you are going into the military you have to meet their requirements. A couple of them are “You must be a U.S. citizen or resident alien. You must be at least 17 years old (17-year old applicants require parental consent). You must (with very few exceptions) have a high school diploma.You must pass a physical medical exam.” (4) If a person who is transgender can do all of those things and is not allowed the military would have to narrow the requirements to let a person with none of these requirements into the military. Continuing with the requirements, my aunt was interviewed who is a woman in the military says that “In good health for the military the basis is the Army Physical fitness test. This consists of getting so many push-ups as possible in 2 min, sit ups in 3 min, and run 2 miles as fast as possible. However this is not the most accurate way of testing the physical side. So now the dod is looking to create more of a CrossFit full body style. For the military you want to eat right, and exercise. Height and weight right now is also considered to part of the health, but again the ways that this is being revised since the current ways aren’t correct. However good health is also considered to have connection to your family and spiritual health..” Anyone can do these things of course it needs training but if your are that committed. Showing that transgenders are not being allowed into the military just because they are transgender.
      Wrapping it all up, it really shows how the military not only needs transgender people but it shows how transgender people depend on the military for insurance and getting their surgery.

      • Actually my research is in a good direction since it’s in one of the bigge s arguments against transgenders. I, however, run an instagram that has several posts that support transgender troops that has everything you brought up. 🙂

  • I can actually counteract that if you’re talking about funding for private schools. Private schools are run from payment by parents. Government has no involvement, they get no funding. It’s why prices are so high. Funding goes towards whatever is needed, so it’s not always the education. It’s repairs, technology, and other things.

  • This is a very interesting post. I like that you brought up the loss of sleep, and how addiction to social media can effect depression, and anxiety. Your facts are well layed out, and sourced well. I think it would be interesting if next time you looked at both sides. Like, connecting to other people around the world through social media can help…[Read more]

  • In class we did an essay on George Orwell’s 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and the different predictions between them. One of these was being disconnected, isolated vs being a part of the whole, all in

    • Dear Whitlee,
      I am astonished by your post “Social Media” because I feel like people are not aware about what is going around them due to the fact that social media is taking control over people. I’m our society today there is less verbal communication and more attachment of people towards the screws and many don’t really believe is a problem but it is. Many don’t know that all their information on social media may not be private due to the fact that there are always people looking over what you search or who you talk too. It’s surprising that in the novel 1984, there were telecreens watching over people as well how there are cameras, police , and other sources that make people get looked over most of the time. It’s surprising to see how a person like you is woke to see how this issue of social media is taking over the world. I am looking forwards to what else you believe and see that is making a big change in this world. Hope to read more about other novels that you have read and compare it to the society that we live in today.

  • I have always been a private school kid, and I’ve always been told that because of it I’ll have a better shot in this life. I’m a Judge kid and because of that I’m supposed to have this greater shot of getting

    • Whitlee, I do believe that you have some privileges/advantages over people that go to public school. But, I don’t think that it is anything to be ashamed of. There isn’t anything you can do about the fact that that is true. You can only focus on the things that high school kids focus on such as, grades, sports, family, and friends. It is also hard to say what should be done about this because, unlike public schools, private schools can chose their own curriculum. This in its own I believe gives a student a leg up because the school can specifically prepare you for universities, instead of on the public school system that prepares its students for the workforce.

    • This is a really important topic to look at, and as a fellow Judge Student, also have a lot of interest to see if our private education has helped us to get into schools. I have always though that we do have an advantage because we get much more help when it comes to college counselors. Some public schools also have help, but not all of them are sufficient to help students get into college. https://www.collegetransitions.com/blog/private-vs-public-hs/ Is an article that goes over the advantages to both private and public schools. Basically it says that private schools tend to be better, but public schools vary, some of them being great to help with college admissions, and others don’t provide the right guidance.

    • Going to private school is a huge privilege, and the price tag reflects that. A school like Judge gives students a nudge above students who attend public school. But it is just this: a nudge. Hard work and natural ability are ultimately what decide academic success. I like how you brought this up, as there are plenty of amazing kids that go through the public school system. However, this is a good question to reflect on, so here is a link to help with further research. http://sites.psu.edu/siowfa15/2015/12/03/are-private-schools-really-better-than-public-schools/

    • Hi Whitlee, I would agree with Lindsay and Issac on how they view the advantage of going to private school which has given me the idea that private schools offer a push and pull effect “nudge” – Issac, with private schools especially you should see students achieving higher because you yourself, parents, teachers and college advisors are putting time and sacrifice into a student attending a private school, which colleges look at did the student make the most out of the opportunity that was given to them. I think you also have to decide what level you are looking at this question for in-state schools or out of state schools, because just yesterday I was looking at a Private Jesuit High School in Indianapolis and their grading scale is insanely hard an A+ is a 98-100. Tougher colleges I assume look at the strength of the schedule the student had- meaning did they take AP Classes and what was their AP score. I will admit our school has been tough for me with the rigorous academic course but it has taught me how to work for good grades, take scary classes (risks), learn how to fail to better myself and improve on the next opportunity that arises to me (tests, quizzes, homework), and how to thrive with my classmates all while receiving a catholic education.

    • Dear Whitlee, I believe that you are sort of right, however a more effective strategy would be to research public school students and see their graduation and acceptance rates then compare the two. However I think that people that do go to private schools have a major advantage not only in college but more specifically in funding for their schools. Also private schools have stronger curriculum as opposed to public schools were they have less opportunities. I would be interested to see the research and contrast between these two systems and see if there really is an advantage.

      • I can actually counteract that if you’re talking about funding for private schools. Private schools are run from payment by parents. Government has no involvement, they get no funding. It’s why prices are so high. Funding goes towards whatever is needed, so it’s not always the education. It’s repairs, technology, and other things.

  • I like that you looked at both sides. Technology is a very interesting topic, but it’s also a little scary. Did you know our computers are learning to code themselves? “DeepCoder is a machine learning system that can write its own code. It does this using a technique called program synthesis. Essentially, it creates new programs by combining…[Read more]

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