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  • Floresc.2018
  • Ayla, amazing job with your infographic. Conversion therapy is something that horrifies me and I wish it got more attention as an issue we need to fix. I love how you included a quot because it really shows how terrible and demeaning conversion therapy is in a more personal way. I commend you for shining a light on this topic which is not too…Read More

  • Evan, this is an extremely well written piece. I love how you looked at this issue from many sides, and provided many arguments to support your idea. I also like how you not only talked about the issue but also: why it is important and what we should do about it. It was really cool to see you incorporate what other countries are doing about this…Read More

  • Abinaov, I like how the images in your infographic really relate to your topic. I also like how many facts you used to support your topic as well as draw people in. I completely agree with you that climate change is a big issue and needs to be addressed. Awesome work!

  • I really like your info-graphic. I agree that the Syrian war is a really big issue and more needs to be done to help Syria refugees and those affected by the war. I also like how you included possible solutions. Awesome job!

  • I really love both this info-graphic and the topic you are highlighting. As someone who deals with a variety of mental illnesses, and experiences how school contributes significantly to these issues, I relate to this topic a lot. I think it’s really important that schools start putting the welfare of their students above grades and test scores.…Read More

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