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    Dear Arely,
    I appreciate you for taking your time to read my paper and leaving a nice comment. Has this affected your life?

  • Dear Fernando,

    Im grateful for your blog because you talk about real things that are happening like how young kids can be recruited into gangs and it effects families by seeing there young son growing up by joining these gangs. I also like how you wrote about peer pressuring and that a real thing that happens to kids everywhere not just in gangs…[Read more]

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    Improving Education in Oakland
    Did you know that in the past year the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) cut about nine million dollars off of school funding? (Romero). How much did that impact the schools and

    • Dear Fernando,
      I agree with your topic because Oakland schools are really going through it with not a lot funding. One sentence you wrote that stand out to me is, ” This matters because the actions of one person caused an entire community to fall short of what they need.” I think this is very strong because teachers in this school give so many unnecessary papers that we run out of paper.

      • Dear Arely,
        I appreciate you for taking your time to read my paper and leaving a nice comment. Has this affected your life?

    • Dear Fernando,
      I am fascinated by the fact that you wrote about “Money” and how it relates to schools because it is something that we need. One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is, ” OUSD has to change the way they are distribute resources once they get the budget cut problem under control so that there is equity in the resources each school gets and students like Wu get the resources they need.” I think that this is true because everyone should be able to have the chance to get the same resources as everyone else to succeed. Another sentence that I liked was, ” Prioritizing the students is what must come first, everything else can come second because the entire reason that OUSD is there, is to bring quality education to Oakland kids.” This stood out for me because prioritizing students should come first. I agree with you throughout your blog post that schools budgets are being cut and we students deserve to have everything we need to succeed. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I like the way you think, not just about yourself, but of the whole community. You care about everyone having what they need.

    • Great topic, This issue really important for oakland schools.

  • Dead love

    Fernando silva

               In my modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet I chose to write about death because death has occurred in my life. It happened when my dog that I had for over 14 years, which

  • dear sofia,I want to agree to what your claim is because some people are actually scared of the hurricanes and thing that are happening right now like in mexico and we don’t know what could happen in the future if there will be a bigger earthquake that can hit and ruin like lots of cities. I also want to agree with you because he climate changes…[Read more]

  • Dear jalayah,I agree to your claim because it is true that a lot of students can’t afford college so they have to drop out which I believe that there should be colleges that you don’t have to pay a lot of money so that the kids that are studying can get the opportunity to be a cop or something that changes the world or changes the way we see…[Read more]

  • One quote that you wrote that really stands out to me is “racism has been a part of this world for years now and i want it to end already” this quote stood out because this is true that there has been racism for a long time and it need to end and i think that the only way we could end it is to start with this generation

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