• Well you can talk to your teacher about it.

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    Dear Juan,

    I liked how you talked about your name and you talked about what it ment in Mexico and that you talked about how your nickname had a positive and negative meaning to it. That your name connects back to your dad and how you dont know why your dad picked your name.

  • Families Affected by Gangs


    How are families affected by gangs, youth that are involved in gangs are more likely to dropout of school and sell drugs. What are gangs? According to Dictionary.com, a gang is,

    • Dear Fernando,

      I am grateful by your blog “ Families Affected by Gangs” because you can explain what happens to families in gangs and what they've been through. You give really good pieces of evidence and seem to know the right people to interview about this. A sentence that stood out to me was when u said “When losing a young one, what happens is stress and trauma. Also, that kid probably has not finished school yet and lost their lives”. This stood out to me because it's true and young youths do go through this. And it's really sad how they feel that way and then they gotta worry bout other personal stuff so they are left stressed out. Thanks for your writing.

    • Dear Fernando,

      Im grateful for your blog because you talk about real things that are happening like how young kids can be recruited into gangs and it effects families by seeing there young son growing up by joining these gangs. I also like how you wrote about peer pressuring and that a real thing that happens to kids everywhere not just in gangs that effects kids to do things that they don’t want to which may lead to things that get kids hurt. These lines stood out to me because thoughts are the things that happen the most through out oakland.

    • This blog is strong because It clearly explains to the author how young kids are badly affected by gangs.

    • I am intrested in your topic about families affected by gangs.

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  • Miranda, Hey thanks for taking your time to look at my box and it’s a really fun project to do you should try it out.Thanks

  • My Shadow Box

    Fernando Gonzalez

    This shadow box represents me because the it shows all things that I care about and the pictures that are in my box which are my grandma, favorite boxer, favorite place to go in

    • Fernando,
      The concept of this whole shadow box thing is a very cool idea. I appreciate you sharing this with us and I may have to propose this idea to my class. Thank you.

    • Miranda, Hey thanks for taking your time to look at my box and it’s a really fun project to do you should try it out.Thanks

    • I love how you created a box to express all the people and things you love. You did a really great job. It is very aspiring to see the creativity someone has all place together. It shows that you have a lot of pride for who you are and a lot of confidence for sharing it with a lot of people.

    • Zach replied 9 months ago

      I really like some of the objects that you put into your box, Fernando, especially your small tribute to your grandmother. My grandma was someone that meant a lot to me as well, until she died at the age of 99 a couple of months ago. I’m happy that you show her how much she means to you, because I feel like I didn’t tell mine often enough. I also like how you included some of your heritage in your box, because I believe that where you come from always affects the values that you live by and the life that you live. I will look forward to your next post.

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    Hi my name is fernando and i’m a freshman at LIfe Academy and I saw your post and I really like that you talked about that problem because that is crazy that this kind of stuff is acutlluy happening in our world and people should come toghther to stop these kind of stuff.

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