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    Dear Lupe,
    the part that i liked was when you said this “The last name I received has been a huge impact in my life because it has made me who I am today. ” this really stand out to me because it was the most impactful also that really means our last name has a meaning and not just a last name. this matters because our last name has a lot more…[Read more]

  • Violence in Oakland


    Everyone is interested in violence, that is why action movies exist. In Oakland’s case, however, it is a lot more serious and people need to take more responsibility for what they are do

    • Alaa replied 1 month ago

      Dear Fernando
      I am devastated about your post “VIOLENCE IN OAKLAND ,” because… everyone is interested in violence,also your post shows the world could not be trusted sometimes because of the violence that’s happening these days a sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Violence affects Oakland in many way such as gangs, money, guns, family problems and many more ways that describe Oakland” I think this is tremendously great because…you really relate to a lot of people who have these problems like Another sentence that I loved was: “The police is the reason why Oakland has the word violence written in front of it because police brutally is also one of the most common out of violence and gangs .” This stood out for me because…police are the blame for the violence that’s going on most of the time.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because…you are one of those people that like to inform people about what’s going on these days.Violence in oakland is a effective way to mess up families and you saying this might change a child’s point of view to Oakland.

    • Dear Fernando,

      I was very delighted to read your post “Violence In Oakland” because it explains the violence that gangs brings to Oakland. I agree with you when you said that police aren’t doing anything to solve your case because they are too focused solving other cases. One sentence that stands out to me is “People from outside of Oakland look at Oakland As A Place full of violence because they think the Oakland is there a place full of violence and homicides also such as gangs drugs homicides murders also rape.” This stood out to me because people who aren’t from Oakland always think that Oakland is a bad place without actually knowing Oakland. The news that is reported mostly focused on the violence that People of Color commit and the gang problems but they don’t show when a White person commits a crime. This problem makes people outside of Oakland scared to come here because of the dominant narratives that are said about Oakland. Thank you for writing. I look forward to see what you write next, because you have interesting and important topics to bring to the community to educate people.

    • Grady replied 3 weeks ago

      Dear Fernando,
      I am impressed by your blog, “ Violence in Oakland” because it was interesting that you decided to talk about the violence in your community instead of other places that also deal with violence. One sentence that I don’t agree with on is when yous said , “ Everyone is interested in violence, that is why action movies exist”. I disagree with you because action movies are meant to look cool, intense etc. but in reality violence isn’t like that and I don’t think people are interested in violence. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because even if I disagree with your opinion it still gets interesting to read.

  • Violence in Oakland


    Everyone is interested in violence, that is why action movies exist. In Oakland’s case, however, it is a lot more serious and people need to take more responsibility for what they are do


    Fernando Cruz

    My shadow box objects all represent a form of strength because I am a strong person who cares about his own family. I chose to include Donkey Kong in my box because he is both of my

    • Fernando this is a really good article. I like how you incorporated something that you enjoyed so much. It really gave insight to your childhood and some of the things that you enjoyed as a kid. It made the article personable. I really enjoyed it and hope that you did good on this assignment.
      Best of luck,

    • Olga replied 4 months ago

      Dear Fernando,
      I really liked your post because of how you are sharing your personal life when you was a child. Also I like the way you connected yourself with Donkey Kong that symbolises the strength you have. I hope you keep writing more of your story because is unique and interesting.

      And some questions that I have are
      1. Is Donkey Kong still your favorite game now that you are older or there is another game that connects to you, now that you are a teen?
      2. Why did you include the book called “Never Quite” by Edwin Louis Cole?
      3. How is your brother significant to you when you were a child and now that you are teenager?

      I appreciate your writing and hope you write more of your stories,


    • Fernando I really like that your shadow box holds true to you because it “has been with me for a long time since my childhood”. A post from wehavekids,com (https://wehavekids.com/parenting/The-importance-of-cherishing-warm-childhood-memorieshow-to-create-memorable-experiences-for-your-child-cl) says childhood memories are important because “They carve your soul; they mould your being; their force has an impact greater than other memories.” In response to this quote how has DonkeyKong resonnated in you and in your development throughout your childhood? Does DonkeyKong still hold true to you today?

    • Jose replied 4 months ago

      This is great work I really like this, but I gotta ask why do you like donkey kong a lot? You say it makes you a strong person which is good if you think that and if it helps you just keep believing it. It seems like you did good in this assignment, it looks like donkey kong was all over your childhood and that pretty nice about how you and your brother played this and had fun at the end.

    • Hello Fernando My name Is Angel Aguilar I go to Fremont High school I enjoyed your article seeing how you included something that’s part of your childhood was really good And the fact that describe yourself very well as a caring man that liked to have fun with his family it was really good.
      hope you do well bro best of luck

    • Hi my name is Adham Aldahmi and I’m from Fremont High School and we are doing the same thing you are doing! One question I have for you is what type of game is Donkey Kong 64 is? A question about what you wrote is you playing Nintendo at 3 years old and who taught you how to play video games. The thing I love about your project is you put your favprite things in the box like books and comics.

    • Dear Fernando
      Thank you for sharing your work. My name is Daniela Alvarado and I am a student at Fremont High School.
      Something I liked about your work was the way you expressed yourself . Something I have a question about is how does your shadow box represent strength ? Please feel free to comment on my work in the future. The address of my student blog is http://danielaafhs2021.edublogs.org/
      Thank You!

    • Hey Fernando thanks for sharing your work. My name is Javier Hernandez and I am a student at Fremont High School. I appreciate you for sharing something that’s important from your childhood. One question I have for you is who taught you how to play games when you were only 3 years old? Also you look like you are a very caring person.

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