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    A new way to stop COVID from spreading

    In the article " White House Promotes New COVID-19 Drug" (BTW) I learned that the white house has recommended vaccinations, masks, social distancing, and good hygiene to control the spread of COVID-19. Not only that but they also want...

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  • Dear Ernesto Monroy

    I am impressed by your post,” Bidens Response to Ukraine” because it is incredible that we cannot do anything about the war all we could do is just watch them struggle in this huge crisis. If only we could help them out with a bit more resources or weaponry.

    One sentence you wrote that stood out to me was: “He also asked for…Read More

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    Things to know about Earth Day

    In the article "Earth Day 2022: Invest in our planet"( BTW) I learned that April 22, 2022, was the 42nd worldwide observance of Earth Day. This is a day in our lives when we can invest in our planet....

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    Pros of being a Physical Therapist

    In the article " Careers: physical Therapist"(BTW) I learned that a physical therapist is someone who helps older people and athletes regain strength by showing them some exercise. This is amazing because you are helping people recover as soon...

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    • Dear felipe

      I am imprest by your post “pros of being a physical therapist,” because it is impressive how important a physical therapist can be. I think a physical therapist should be required for every sport. Because of different parts of the body being use we need a therapist that can help if we get hurt.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “physical therapist is someone who helps older people and athletes regain strength”. I think this is important because if someone gets hurt and needs rehabilitation that should be treated right away. Not only they can help you but they can make you stronger.

      Thanks for your writing I look forward to seeing what you need to write next, because it is important for athlete health to have someone that can help if you get hurt.  We all need to learn more about athlete health because it is important for athletes to stay healthy.

      Isaiah Silva

  • Dear Fatima,

    I am impressed by your post ” Stress is difficult” because you explain how stress makes people feel not only frustrated but also very sad and overwhelmed. I can agree with you that having a lot of homework and work can be very stressful because you feel like there’s no time to do anything and that’s why the stress kicks in.

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