• Desdemona:

    I feel very divided by this decision,
    To be with you forever in education and in life;
    Both those help me grow thanks to you,
    But I do not know how to be loyal to you
    I am your daughter, but

  • Big corporations and the wealth should be taxed more. The top 1 percent pay less than 1.2% on federal taxes while the working which includes the middle and lower class pay up to 15% on taxes. It is estimated that

    • Fredrick, this is a really important topic right now especially with the new changes of the Trump administration. The changes made are negatively going to impact nearly everybody in the middle class and below so that the top 1 percent can make more money. I agree with you that we need to start speaking to our representatives and take action to change our countries priorities to help the citizens as opposed to corporations. I am interested to see what else you write on the topic!

    • Fred,

      Thank you for this post. I found it very interesting to hear your thoughts about the tax inequality surrounding out nations rich, middle class, and lower class. I agree with you that we all as a younger generation need to pursue our representatives and authority leaders. I know as of right now they have started to change the taxation for the rich and middle class, but do you think there will be more changes to bring tax inequality to a reasonably percent

  • Inequality between the rich and poor has grown wider ever since it started after world war II. The difference in the gap are supported by the two party groups in the government. Liberals favor helping the poor and

    • Hey Fred! Thanks for sharing this, I’ve always though of how the system is so corrupt that only 1% of Americans hold the all the money in America. Inequality is seen everywhere, in work places, industries, offices and so forth but the most devastating of all the time is the economy inequality. While the middle class and working class are the one putting all the work, they are the one left on the marge. https://inequality.org/facts/income-inequality/ This link might help you get some resources.

  • Most Americans say they are proud to pay their taxes. In an independent poll conducted last year for the I.R.S. Oversight Board, 96 percent of the respondents agreed with the statement ”It is every American’s

    • Hi Fred,
      I found this to be a very informative and detailed article on the tax inequality. I thought your use of quotes was really good and flowed very well with your article. I look forward to read more of your posts on this topic.

    • Fred,

      I found this to be a very interesting post. Thank you for sharing, tax inequality has been a issue for many years. with the imbalance of the rich paying less and the middle class having to pay more. There has been many discussion on whether that may change or not. I know with the knew presidential office in today has managed to reform that balance to make it become more of a equilibrium balance. Below I have left a link how president Trump plans to help change the tax polls and make it more of a balance. thank you for your post Fredrick.

  • The rich 1% own up to 35% of the nation’s wealth while the 88% of the lower class holds 11% of the nation’s wealth. Because the rich made so much money and owned so much, they were able to afford to pay taxes, i

    • Hey Fredrick,

      I agree with your post, I believe that the wealthy should pay a majority of the taxes to help the less fortunate such as the lower class and most of the middle class. I like how you quote the article and state some statistic saying “the poorest 20 percent of Americans paid an average of 10.9 percent of their income in state and local taxes and the middle 20 percent of Americans paid 9.4 percent. The top 1 percent, meanwhile, pay only 5.4 percent of their income to state and local taxes.” This is an important statistic that I did not know about and really amazed me. In your discussion, you quote a lot from sources, I suggest that you talk about the problem and what it means to you instead of just quoting. I found an article that you may find interesting about the latest federal income tax (https://taxfoundation.org/summary-latest-federal-income-tax-data-2016-update/). Anyways take care and good luck on your next writing.

    • This is a very compelling argument that you make, Fredrick. The fact you inserted at the end of your post, about how the “U.S. Treasury is expected to run a 2017 deficit of $693 billion,” was a strong statistic to convince people about the importance of this issue. In general, I agree that the wealthy should need to contribute more in taxes than the lower and middle classes because they are able to do so while still maintaining a good standard of living. This post reminded me of the book “Aftershock” by Robert Reich, and the movie “Inequality for All” which is based off of Reich’s book. I look forward to hearing more about your ideas on taxes, and good luck with your research.

  • The united states has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world. We in prison more of our own people than any other nations. People are thrown behind bars for the smallest reasons. Since 1990, the

    • Fred, I agree that incarceration is a problem in the US. Not only does it leave families alone but it cost hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to take care of our ever growing prisons. You also brought up that people are going to prison for little reasons which is true according to https://www.prisonpolicy.org/graphs/raceinc.html. This source also gives incarceration rates by ethnicity and you notice that the black rates are more then triple white and double latino. I think the question we should be raising is why are there such higher rates for black people. If we can figure out why and try to solve the problem from that then it would be so much more beneficial to the community. Can’t wait to hear more from you.

  • Net Neutrality

    Net Neutrality is a act that allows and provides internet websites to all be the same and at no cost by discriminating in letting some websites be priced in order to be used by daily users. Net

    • Dear Fred,

      Nice post. This is a highly pressing issue that everyone should be aware of and acting on. Net Neutrality defends our ability to spread our own ideas and view others’. By allowing internet service providers to prioritize and bottleneck information we’re giving free reign to these companies for the pushing of desired information as well as running us dry to have access to the internet, which should be free to all.

      The best thing we can do now to help convince congress to overturn the FCC’s vote through visiting http://www.battleforthenet.com and writing to congress.


  • Dear Mrs.Reed,
    I found this post to be really interesting and enjoyable to read. You stated and defined the words that you wanted to present and also told us what they meant back then, I like and also agree to the fact that the definition of an American has changed over time and that we come together in times when we have a common goal. This is…[Read more]

  • Dear Sage,
    To start off, I liked how you told us your claim and the added a counter point in order to keep your readers interested. The whole time I was reading the article I was looking for ways you might say that technology was a negatively impacting our society and I’m glad that you proved that we benefit more from it. I agree that we have…[Read more]

  • When mass murders and shooting happen, we tend to ask ourselves why this happened. Why and what would cause an individual to go out into a public place and cause harm to others they have no relation to. We often

    • Dear Fred,
      Nice post. I really like the angle you took at analyzing the influences surrounding those who commit such acts. This hits one of the apparent roots of the problem, something that we can all do in our lives to help people feel included and cared for. The line “kids that shoot up schools are not loners, the misconception of them being loners is wrong, most kids will try to join many groups but what triggers their anger is that they at almost every time fail. They become rejected…” is an idea that could have a strong impact if spread appropriately. Another strong debate surrounding mass shootings and homicides in general is the mass availability of guns in America. This article speaks on that topic -https://www.npr.org/sections/13.7/2017/10/09/556627468/what-influences-attitudes-toward-gun-reform

    • Hi Fred,
      I really liked your article, and it brings up an important issue in our country today. I thought it was interesting the way you approached this issue, and hitting one of the main concepts. Everyone needs to feel loved and cared for. And I also liked the part when you said “kids that shoot up schools are not loners, the misconception of them being loners is wrong, most kids will try to join many groups but what triggers their anger is that they at almost every time fail. They become rejected…” it really touches home, and shows that these people do not feel welcomed, and instead of taking their anger out on a teddy bear, they decide to take it out o people, causing lives to be taken. I found a article relating mental illness to homicide, and I think you should check it out, https://mentalillnesspolicy.org/consequences/1000-homicides.html. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    • Fred,
      I really enjoyed this post. I think that this is very relevant today because of all the mass shootings that have happened. I liked how you gave clear evidence on why these people are doing what they do. They aren’t just doing it for fun, but because they actually have a problem with what has happened to them in the past. I agree with you when you said that everyone needs to be loved and cared for because if we all get along and make everyone feel like they belong in this world, maybe we can finally start fixing this problem. Here is an article that I thought you might like: http://serendip.brynmawr.edu/bb/neuro/neuro03/web2/njackman.html

    • Hi Fred,
      I really enjoyed your post and am happy you chose such an important issue in todays society, especially in the United States. Your first paragraph was great because you tied it into a current event but left your questions to be vague enough that they could be used for any issues in today’s world. The information you provided in your second paragraph was useful because it helped me in understanding why someone would do something so violent and the underlying issues that person may have. And you closing statements were a nice reminder that the simple act of treating someone with respect can go a long way. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2016/06/untangling-gun-violence-from-mental-illness/485906/

  • Dear K’Chelle,
    this was a very informative article. Your views of brutality really make me think about what is wrong with our justice system. Police officers are meant to protect and service our communities, not harass the colored citizens. Maybe in the future you can incorporate more views from other writers and people who have experienced brutality.

  • Hey Kayden,
    I found this post to be very interesting and unique. I found out to be the Michelangelo because he relates and reflects a lot of my personality’s and characteristic’s. I would of loved to be Donatello just because of how he is. I feel like this post goes deeper into what your persona tells you about yourself.
    If you took this quiz…[Read more]

  • Is it money ? is it having what you want? What truly makes us happy ?. As human beings our goal has always been to find happiness. The pursuit of happiness has been ranked as one of the top cherished goals in

    • Fred,
      This is a very informative post and it needs more attention. How many people do you think go through their life and think to themselves that people only need money to be happy? Too many. But I especially like the part where you say we need intimate contact with people, because that is what makes life worth living, having someone to share your life with. Even the most successful people admit that there’s more to life than money: http://www.businessinsider.com/how-9-incredibly-successful-people-define-success-2014-5?op=1/#llionaire-richard-branson-believes-success-is-about-engagement-6. Thank you for the post.

    • Dear Fredrick,

      This post is great and states so many true things. People just think that money is the key to happiness, but that is not true. I really like the part where you said, “In order to be happy, we need to be the authors of our own life story.” I really like that because you get to make your own story, it’s your life. To be happy you need to create your story. It’s a really cool way to think about. You are doing great.


    • Dear Fredrick,

      This post is great and states so many true things. People just think that money is the key to happiness, but that is not true. I really like the part where you said, “In order to be happy, we need to be the authors of our own life story.” I really like that because you get to make your own story, it’s your life. To be happy you need to create your story. It’s a really cool way to think about. You are doing great.


    • My dearest Fredrick. Have you personally experienced this “Pursuit of Happiness” ? Your article seems to be personal in a way that lets the audience feel close. Love the statistic you choose to use. I also agree with the money ideology, that is so true-money doesn’t make us happy.

      -Ethan H

    • I completely agree with everything you said. This was a very strong article backed up with a lot of evidence. I agree that money doesn’t define happiness. I understand that you can be unhappy if your basic needs are not met, but if those needs are being fulfilled, you have the ability to lead a happy life.

  • Jorge,
    Your topic is a very good and accurate topic. I like it because this problem has been going on for many year, centuries. I believe “that if woman are portrayed strong, and effective people” then I believe that this would change the way woman are displayed and looked at. This link will help you further reach the goals of your study and I…[Read more]

  • Dear Jerome,
    I really found your topic very interesting because I am a football player. when I was injured, though I never noticed it but there was a rush from everyone wondering how fast my recovery would take and how many games I was going to miss. I am black but I don’t fully believe that the color of your skin has to do with anything about the…[Read more]

  • Parker,
    I am very much interested in this topic. Global warming is a real thing and we need to realize the effects its causing on our planet. I agree that “With the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere it is trapping the sun’s heat thus heating up Earth.” This cause of global warming makes it hard on the planet, increases dangers of climate change a…[Read more]

  • Trey,
    I really liked reading about this topic. Its such an amazing thing to think about that “If a person is passionate about the subject of math they will most likely be more inclined to pay attention and listen during the course and exacerbate their knowledge for the material. While at the same time the student does not like history, but is…[Read more]

  • Hey Erin,
    I agree that Space Explorations should founded because it would benefit us in many ways. Your said “Space research helps us understand our own world, which can in turn help us protect it”. I fully support this because with the technology that would be used to explore space it would also in turn help us find out more about our planet.…[Read more]

  • Global warming is getting worse. Sea levels are getting higher because of the glaciers melting in the oceans. We are breathing in bad air due to pollution. This is causing us to get sick and have a lot of health

    • I really like this entry Fred. It is cool how you care about a current issue you like this and how you want to make a change in our society. I really liked the way you wrote and the words you chose. I found this cool article that I think that you would like. Here it is https://www.nrdc.org/stories/global-warming-101. I am looking forward to more of your stuff.

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