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  • Hello my name is Flavio Ayon and i’m a student at Unity High in Oakland. After reading your blog post I have to strongly agree with the part of the passage where you say “Our allies are people of color, politicians against police brutality, you, and Caucasians who want police brutality to never exist. Our opponents are people that think and act…Read More

  • My name is Flavio Ayon and i’m a student at Unity High in Oakland. I just finished reading your blog post and all I pretty much would like to say is that I agree with all your information including the solutions to the environment and how to improve it. The only question I have is, is there a type of program that brings people to help with global…Read More

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    Hello Adelphe,

    I think this is great story of your life and you showcase a great topic people can relate to.

  • Dear Ed,

    I appreciate you for choosing such a great topic for many arguments. In my opinion adulthood is not an age but a mindset. I believe you do not become an adult when you turn 18 but you turn into an adult when you start acting like one. An example would be it doesn’t matter if you’re old enough to drive because what really matters is…Read More


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