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    Dear Erald ,
    I liked how you explained about the oppression of black people and police brutality.
    One sentence that suprsed me was “The big question is why is there police brutality? The poem answers this question with the line “pull a trigger kill a nigga he’s a hero.” The hero in that stanza means the police”
    I liked how you explained the…[Read more]

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    Where I am from

    Spring comes under the skin of trees

    Opened the veins and filled them with the meaning

    Shaking branches is the signal code

    Where I’m from

  • George Gordon Byron, (January 22, 1788 – April 19, 1824), who was known simply as Lord Byron, explored this question in the poem “So We’ll Go No More A-roving.” The poem is about the author who fell in love

  • One most intriguing comment out of six above was” Why does he need to pause to breathe? Why do you think he’s out of breath?”  from the line: “And the heart must pause to breathe”. I think that this comment

    • Why do you think someone needs to “pause to breathe” after a breakup? Why would the poet talk about a life force, air, when he talks about love and splitting up? BTW, I very much like the photo you chose.

  • I think that The poem “So We’ll Go No More A-roving” is all about love. More specifically,  it is about a relationship that went wrong. The first stanza of the poem shows how the poet, Thomas Campion, who wrote

    • This is such a sad poem. But also very true, because it’s evocative of what one really feels when they have to breakup with someone they love. What do you think he means by “the moon be still as bright?”

  • Dear Terren,

    I am inspired by your poem because you believed in yourself in those moment when you shot the ball.

    A line that stands out for me was “But no – my teammate comes and sets the pick…” . I think this line is striking because you showed that you had support in those moments and also showed that with support you can win everyth…[Read more]

  • I will wake up now, and, I will go to Pristina,I will walk to Mother Teresa Boulevard from morning until late.I will not count the macchiatos I will drink,In the afternoon I will go out for a walk,  And I will

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    Dear Octavio

    I am interested by your poem “ Pelham Bay Park” because I live very near to Pelham Bay park and I like the way you are describing life there.

    One part of your poem that stand out for me is where “Hurry before they catch up”, this line surprises me because I think that you are saying something about sports but then this line could h…[Read more]

  • I associate with this place because I was born there and I have  lived there for 14 years. My sisters and brother still live there. I am  connected to this place because it is my homeland and i was raised i

  • I am Fatjon Morina, I am Albanian, I like living in Albania more than New York. Usually, I am a lazy guy and I do things always on my own. I like the dark and I like staying up all night just for fun with my

    • I also feel safe walking down the streets in my community and I hope that none of us ever be a victim of any crime and bring peace to the world:)

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    Dear George:

    I am interested by your bio “who are you” because I liked how you pointed out there that you want to be a leader and not just a follower.

    One sentence that stood out for me is “I alway stay organized and finish the things I have to do before hand instead of last minute.” because I think it is better to stay organized and finish…[Read more]

  • I remember waking up from my bed to go to school late, as always, back in Albania, even though i was just a 10 years old, I remember how lazy I was. I remember how my grandpa caught me playing video games at 4

  • It was very good! You made a point with this poem, but you can make it more useful and sweet!, But great work!.

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                               Roni, a siberian husky                            One of the cutest, smartest                            Happiest dog in the world,

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