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  • Dear Felipe

    I am glad that you agree with how stress is something that is difficult for all of us because after all, we experience stress in different forms. I am so glad you agree with the way that homework tends to bring a lot of stress to us. Which can be overwhelming. Sometimes I wish teachers understood the way homework well when teachers…Read More

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    Sad Reality

    In the article, " Help others or not" I learned that many children suffer every day begging people for food they can afford to give them because they are starving. In India, tourists have seen a variety of small...

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    • Dear Fatima,
      I like what you are saying, I see what you are trying to say through your message here. I hate seeing children live the way they do when it is a sensitive topic like this. No child should be living in that type of way having to worry about if they are going to get a meal tonight or even wondering where they are going to sleep. To add on, this isnt just for children I also believe that no one should be in that place to begin with. Thank you for sharing this!

  • Fatima commented on the post, Meaning of Life

    Dear Valentin,
    I am impressed by your post ” Meaning of Life” because it is a very interesting topic because life has many meanings for many different people. I think it is crazy that the topic of life is a deep topic because there is not really an answer to how we should live our lives.

    One sentence you wrote that stood out to me was, ” My…Read More

  • Dear Lexany:
    I am impressed by your post, “Would you ever consider being a Veterinarian?” because becoming a veteran is a great career choice. I think it is wonderful to able to work with dogs. Because dogs are super cute and amazing animals. They are loving and carrying and can be your best friend. They are loads of fun and it is wonderful to be…Read More

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    Imagine Napping At School

    In the article, "Nap Break?" I learned about how in Mexico a school allows their student to take a nap break while in school. They allow it because they know and understand how many students are overwhelmed and stressed...

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