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    I am a strong believer in, “what goes around comes around.”, I learned it through my experience with my ex-boyfriend.The consequences of one’s actions will have to be dealt with eventually. The way my ex-

    • Dayana, this is a great piece and message! I remember hearing the golden rule, “treat people how you want to be treated” since I was very young and it has had a big impact on my life. I really liked your examples of how we can help others: “helping someone doesn’t necessarily mean actually doing something for them, being someone’s shoulder to cry on, listening to them, helping them out with homework, simple things like that can mean a lot to that person.” Like your story, I found some other examples of how kindness can turn into good karma in the future! https://www.rd.com/true-stories/inspiring/good-karma-stories/ I loved your message and look forward to seeing what else you have to share. Thank you!

    • What you had to say Dayana was really remarkable. I really felt all the emotion you were writing with when you were talking about your ex boyfriend. The topic of karma is one that is not talked about that often which is sad. The whole idea of doing good in the world and that good coming back to you is an idea that many people in the world today are missing. I found when you were talking about your family it made it more relateable to the reader. Thinking of what someone would say to a family member before you decide in a situation is a good thing to live by. Here is an article that I believe you would really enjoy. Keep it up and I cant wait to read what you come up with next. https://chopra.com/articles/how-does-karma-affect-your-life

    • Dear Dayana,

      I am very intrigued by your post because I know what it’s like to be in toxic relationships with people that just want attention. I’ve dealt with being the toxic person as well, but I know it was wrong and your post is just another reminder of the thing I shouldn’t be or shouldn’t have to deal with. And I do truly enjoy the idea of karma and the philosophy of letting things take motion in my life.

      One thing you said that stands out for me is: “Treat people how you want to be treated because it will come back sooner or later,” I think this is an interesting idea that many people have tried living by because you place yourself in the shoes of several people and try to view things from their perspective and wonder how the things you do or say will affect someone. However, I’m not a fan of that saying, for even when being the best person to everyone and caring for their needs, that positivity isn’t always reciprocated by either those people or the universe. I can’t describe how many times I change the methods of positivity and still receive a backlash of negativity instead.

      Thanks for your project. I look forward to seeing what you write next because what you’re saying is true and needs to be shared out to people so they can understand that we need that kind of mindset. Your piece spoke out to me, and I hope it does the same thing to other people.

    • Dayana, One thing you said that stands out for me is “Treat people how you want to be treated because it will come back sooner or later.” I think this is a very important quoit because i’ve had this experience with family and friends.

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