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    Dear Jimmy,
    I liked how you emphasized that there is still going to be blood even if they try to cover it. How that thing that they are trying to mend so badly is still going to be broken. I love your repetition of “Broken” it really captures the reader’s attention and how you express the feelings through the word.

    One question I have for…Read More

  • Dear Kimberly,
    I am intrigued by your post, on the “The Central Park Five to the government trying to make a peace offering with money over the wrongfully convicted young men. I believe the government will cover anything if it’s to keep them looking as if they are the picture-perfect government. What they did to these young men was despicable,…Read More

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    16-year-old protesting making history

    The African American, Barbara Johns from Virginia created history for African Americans. In the post "The 16-Year-Old Who Fought for Segregation" (Upfront, Bubar, 2029) I learned that in her colored school it was the total opposite of a school...

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  • Fatima commented on the post, Ohio's Four Dead

    Dear Lizbeth,

    I am appalled by your post, “Ohio’s Four dead” because there have been so many times when authorities have taken advantage of their power/ position and done whatever they wanted. Although I think it’s a great thing you are bringing more attention to the abuse of authority problem.

    One sentence that stood out to me is “Kahler…Read More

  • Dear Jimmy, I adored your text on, ” Witchcraft: What is it?” because it is impressive how people still think about witchcraft as people once did many years ago. It seems as if we haven’t progressed as we think we do.

    One sentence that really was eye-catching is, “In fact, it is very looked down upon to ever hex anyone, and many texts, even…Read More

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