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    Mandatory Vaccine

    As seen in many cases people have their yes and no with the COVID vaccine, which who can blame them?, the quick the virus spread and in less than a year they were able to create a vaccine....

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    • Hi Fatima —

      I find this to be a pretty confusing issue because it pits personal choice against civic duty. Your last sentence where you point out that “not everyone having the vaccine also affects others who do have it” might be an argument for why getting the vaccine should be mandated. What were you trying to say with that last sentence? It’s seems to be different than what you say above it where you say that “a person should not be mandated to take it.”

  • Dear Paige :
    I am amazed by your post, “Problem Section: Human Trafficking in South Asia,” because many people do not realize that human trafficking is a big deal, especially with children and women. Sometimes it is not taken as seriously as one would expect because it happens a lot and it is so sad that it does.
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    Young Adults Voting

    The article “Old enough to vote” by Joe Burban talks about how young voters want to give their point of view and show that they care about what is happening in the country. Throughout the years young people have...

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    Fatima commented on the post, How Far Is Too Far?

    Dear Meghan:
    I am impressed with your post, “How Far Is Too Far?” because throughout this post you give an explanation about what people experience and that people with this illness are having a hard time. Society has rea;ly come to the point where someone who is depressed is a stage (in most part of society) that is what society thinks.
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  • Dear Halimah:
    I am impressed by your post, “America Means Injustice,” because I think you really expressed how the United States has suffered from the lack of knowledge on how to make it a better place. It is important to know that we Americans are responsible for many of the things happening in the country.
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