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Popular science Article Author,Steve Austin. I felt nervous about my recording because I was not speaking clearly and loud.   Print this page. Author Fatafehi

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XP4: My 30-second Hook

  Click here for the video of my 30-second hook! The topic of my 30 second hook is Oakland rent is too expensive. I record myself 3 times to get the final uploaded. I need to work on my body language and eye context and keep on track of my presentation. I felt a little bit stupid because I seen […]

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XP3: Eye Contact & Body Language

Here are all of my audio recorded reflections. Enjoy! Print this page. Author Fatafehi

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I feel good about them. I feel comfortable with adjusting my tone and inflection an oral presentation. The title was Traveler from sep, 2015. Print this page. Author Fatafehi

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Questions about Oral presentation

The name of the video   “TED’s secret to great public speaking”       Good and Bad Examples of Presentation. He wanted to show everyone that the idea that you are talking about has a impact on the audience that you are speaking too and the topic that you’re talking about would create idea on other people’s mind like the idea […]

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My first comic of shakespeare

The question that I asked for myself was how would I make this comic book and what kind of character should I pick to be Iago, Cassio and Roderigo Or what Act and scene should I pick for my comic book. The one think that I learned about myself in this XP was I’m good at making characters look like […]

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My best analysis of Shakespeare’s Othello

These Close Reading is from Act 5, Scene 1 Quote: ‘’Yield up, O love thy crown and hearted throne to tyrannous hate! Swell bosom, with thy fraught for tis of aspics tongues[line 495-500] Analysis: To “yield” means to give up to pressure “Tyrannous” means to be cruel and oppressive“Swell bosom” refers to othello saying to fill his heart with hatred✅“Aspics tongues” […]

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Fehi recording of Iago’s

  The play that I used when Iago was telling Othello what happened to Cassio and how it all started, Act 2, scene 3 line 213-222.The character that I play was Iago. I understand that saying the tone of Iago you must be significant with your tone and talking in a loud and persuading tone so the audience could tell […]

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Why Shakespeare is still studied today

The reason why shakespeare is still studied  today is because shakespeare show a lot of his plays about emotion and characteristic of human beings today. On the David tennant video he said that shakespeare is the best at what he do and nobody can do it better than him, Example shakespeare had makes up words from long time ago. The […]

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What stresses me out

Stressors impact my day-to-day life. The stressors are something that cause my brain to over-think and make me feel uncomfortable. They make me feel like I can’t do  what I want. Stressors impact my daily life because school is too hard for me and I have a lot of work. These stressors impact my body by making my brain feel […]

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